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I grew up there and so you basically and then I went to the American University in Beirut and so we were involved politically I was the because you can see it through my life. I was the secretary of the Arts and Sciences Students Society and we had the civil were cleared where we worked with an outage responsible for orphanages and mentally retarded into Dushanbe, and we had programs for them. So it was all a student volunteer on. Did you sorry what did you take university? Economics. What what led you to economic I mean you seem like a lady who has her head on her shoulders unlike myself who did not end still try to just it but what got you into even before high school how was what was your trajectory then in to get you towards economics and finance and will what I wanted to be is an architect actually okay. And because when we were studying in Kuwait, it was the everything was in Arabic and you go to American in Beirut and everything is in English I never had a problem except physics somehow my brain couldn't do that translation well in physics. So I switched from architecture. To Economics. But we were always just like Korea in the family we were always like who's going to be the top the class. So. It in. Korea right. Who's WHO's going to be the top? It's dot who's going to be second? Yes. You're either chocolate class. Are you're just one? Yes so my older brother and I were always competing who's WHO's The top of the class of his or her class, and so that's when we went back home and a like. Yeah. Looking forward to going to university was this something that even from earlier childhood Middle School Elementary School that this is the Max that's the path as you get the highest of education because then once you have that base than you can basically do whatever you want, but you have to have that base of at least to be A. Better it's more but basically that's. Life. I can picture. Yourself or even like Koreans in wasn't like me of like a path in kind of the younger. Adolescent growing outside of the path where I did and I kinda ventured off into the path for yourself and other people it's your family pruning, those those wings that are trying to. Go to these different directions and. How did you find that in hindsight? How you? How do you appreciate the value that your parents you mentioned your Father Pudding Education at the forefront. In you know maybe not speaking about it yet but the work that you're doing now where you know some people don't have those. Visions and hopes for their kids in there doing other things. But how much did you appreciate them clipping I mean I. Don't Know How free spirit you were growing up, but I certainly went off the track. Okay.

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