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Inner Jersey Governor Phil Murphy at Rockaway Town Square Mall, this morning's for the opening of one of two of the state's six mega covert 19 vaccination sites where the state's 1st 1st responder has just received is Govind 19 vaccination. Fred. Well done. No pressure. All right. Just don't see anything. Strange job, Fran. Vaccinations are four now New Jersey for first responders, firefighters and police officers. The second side opening today is that Roman college in South Jersey in California's SoHo Karinna. She's known under what arrest here awaiting extradition to New York to face charges 22 years old in a city that she doesn't know. Attorney Sharon Gaetan says her client, Maia Ponsetto, who's Puerto Rican, is not a racist. She's accused of lunging at the 14 year old son of a Jazz musician, accusing the black team of stealing her iPhone and trying to grab hiss she has to mental health issues. The New York Post reporting Ponsetto will face a judge today before being extradited to New York to face probable attempted robbery charges. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for 77 W. ABC News Yonkers residents forced from their high rise apartment building are furious. Tenants from floors tender, 27 temporarily evicted following a four alarm fire. Residents returned after work, most of them finding eviction flyers from the building's closed management office and most residents with no place to go. Management has not been here to speak to anyone. We haven't heard from management about who, what? Where, How What are we supposed to do? Channel seven called in Yonkers Mayor Mike Spann. Oh, that's unacceptable..

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