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I really didn't ask well we had elementary schools and things in dearborn heights and then my high school was in dearborn long now to ranks or somewhere down porch whereas inner city school stars since we live so close to the garden city border is we put our kids in a charter school that you know is right across the border in over in garden city and we couldn't be happier with good well matt it's one of the most critically important issues facing our country today and we just i asked the question who is in a better position to decide where and how a child should be educated the child's parents or the government and i've never had anyone respond anything other than the child's parents so empower the parents to choose you chosen part charter schools i love public schools and i'm in favor of public schools but i'm also in favor of competition if they're required to to compete the big winners also will be the good teachers you know they'll be in demand they'll have the shackles taken off the abuse more ingenuity and the rest so everyone will win except for the below average teachers which does not that was the whole putting him into the charter because turner's are public but because you know the parents are involved with the charters we basically dictate you know who's doing what and so on so forth i agree with you matt keep on spread the word you gotta next up we go to jake in indiana welcome to the program hey thank you mr question for the judge is they dispensaries medical recreational here in the states is it are they legal is it legal for the dispensaries to take the the money and deposit in a federal insured bank jake you put your finger on an enormous problem caused by the federal government it's probably it's not illegal except that all of the big banks are terrified of being called by the government the federal government to be laundering drug money again any state anywhere in our country at the moment marijuana's a schedule one drug which means by the way by definition it has no medical uses whatsoever highly addictive which is nonsense but the federal government if it so chose you know can take bank of america wells fargo and turn them upside down for laundering drug money so many medical marijuana dispensaries have to deal in cash now wait a minute if you're dealing with lots of cash your prime suspect for for a takeover robbery by the way if you get a gun to defend yourself now you're committing a federal offence armed so the federal government is really messing this up having said that and this just between you and me jake no one else is listening very small state chartered banks are being involved in their letting us credit cards and and the rest they keep it real quiet but there they are out there and thank goodness for that absolutely man can we fix these problems judge because it seems like they're immense there caused by the federal government enlarge part and again like you george i'm not recommending or condoning the people go out and smoke marijuana particularly people under the age of twenty five when their brains have not yet developed fully a lot of people say mine hasn't either but that's a different issue you know the developing human being it is not a good idea to smoke marijuana or to take marijuana but but it's got to get away from this this federal government knows everything approach i talk to a key want us club and asked the question how many people out there feel the federal government has all the answers i got a lot of chuckles but.

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