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No coca cola uh and i can't remember there's that record up up up by air but i know that uh that if we're so expectations uh the carolina panthers in arizona court not so like the carolina panthers or more loaded in their those two years ago they were the kambu was the fifty tvs and he was unstoppable cam what it has all you win answer football the vile hole uh but then last year they sell off the they they didn't have that same type of sparked bathe in the field of saying cameras fanfare much organised is uh the weather didn't look like weapon visually you didn't look like himself going into his office killing vigilance it look like himself but he lost their waste list they look great appreciate greg olson who miller's fantastic doesn't trouble all the rest off more than those weapon extreme roaming back sick gummy excited about the panthers jon stewart three yards in the crowded us going to make a play nobody runs harder to ride the monthly figure more shortlist butch otter stores force wanting heart down here he's right up there winter curtis samuel young traffic we are a little to show them it was like a hall of all i'm out of one of the economics of all boiler that's the most cousteau right here so i wanna see him in play in then christian mccaffrey he's gonna be one of the most closer rookies we've seen in a long time and so with all those pieces now all of a sudden word or the way in or shoulders go up here in arms sales you got weapons that he that broke through weapons that he could dump it off the raw as i mentioned when he is healthy.

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