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Dot's wealth Pam **** as clearing drainage pipes is key cleaning up all the inlet tops on the **** out all the during the systems make sure they're clearing flowing in working properly the contractor will also clean out a retention area where hillside debris gathers at section of twenty eight has flooded twice since late may Jody studio newsradio ten twenty KDKA there are new calls for a New York City police officer to be fired after federal prosecutors decided not to charge him in the chokehold death of Eric garner garner's death five years ago today prompted a national conversation about policing and race CBS news correspondent Jeff the gays as more on the fate of the accused officer Daniel Pantaleo an attorney for Bentleigh says the officer is gratified at the decision which came one day before the statute of limitations would have run out an internal NYPD investigation is ongoing and the commissioner could decide whether to to fire Pantaleo by the end of next month city in Wisconsin is made it legal to find the parents of bullies the Wisconsin rapids city council voted to pass a new law last night if parents of bullies don't make efforts to curb their children's behavior they could wind up paying more than three hundred dollars and that's for a first offense reporter Bruce Marquess the Wisconsin rapids city council will set up potential fines for the parents of school bullies but mayor said referring says those fines would not be the first option the school district has a plan for dealing with bowling measures and anti bullying strategy that incorporates a number of interventions and we certainly hope that the fine never becomes a situation where it needs to be employed with court costs the initial citation of the parents of bullies would exceed three hundred dollars Bruce Marcus for CBS news Wisconsin rapids billionaire Ilan mosque has started a Nora link a company which connects people's brains to artificial intelligence technology he's hoping to do this by implanting small threads into the brain musk explained as objective and how it works at a conference in San Francisco where he says the importance of developing artificial intelligence technologies crucial unsettling about a I over the years but I I think even in a benign a I scenario we.

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