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The world economic forum week we'll talk artificial intelligence of automation would esteem speaker as such a cvt out the amar of hcl technologies joined us culture quashed rider electric david wedding of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom now that street protests hit a ran for a third day running on saturday spreading to the capital taye ran with crowds confronting police in attacking some state buildings and social media reports said two demonstrators have been shot dead in the provincial capital a demonstration was held in troy alabama in connection with the christmas eve encounter and seventeen year old ulysses wilkerson with police the left him hospitalized corresponding diane gallagher reports his parents went to see police body gammon dash cam footage of their son's arrest district attorney confirms that there isn't bodycam video and there's audio but for the people here they would like to see that now in hoping that can clear up exactly what happened during that arrest the washington post reports the remaining members of the presidential advisory council on hiv aids were dismissed this week via a form letter the move comes months after a half dozen members resigned in protest of trump administration position on health policy and barbara kusak this is bloomberg view on bloomberg radio i'm june girl self there is a fungal pathogen known as the panama disease and it's threatening the world's most popular fruit bananas the threat is so severe that may cause bananas to disappear sometime in the next decade how could just one disease caused a global banana pacalypse here to tell us more is steven mim an associate professor of history at the university of georgia and a columnist for bloomberg view so steven why is one of my favorite fruits in danger endanger.

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