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I bet you've been haven't looked but i'm sure it is. I'm sure it is my way to see if beavis. And butthead. I i didn't i i search for butthead. Nothing came is. I remember this from years ago. We i worked together in houston. He was big time into beavis. And butthead back then. I mean the classics everett. The clock wise. Nothing coming up. When i search beavis and when i searched butthead on the paramount ad i don't know do i have to actually take beavis and butthead. Don't tell me their search engines that terrible That's a bad search engine facilities. Today's yeah nothing's coming out really. They don't have it. Don't paramount plus. Is that a separate app. Yes it is whatever you using paramount out. Yeah yeah it's paramount plus. Oh well excuse me like. Could i use the disney up. No it's disney plus one you know streams in that they have to pay for so what thankfully. My kids bought me the dvd collection of beavis and butthead for christmas. So you're all good. I don't hear all said good. All right the plug the dvd player now to even use it. I haven't even. I don't even remember the last time we used our. Dvd players have them there under two. Tv's that are unplug so we gotta say watch something you know we plug it in. It's rare room in my house. Yeah we do. We never go in there. We have one cobwebs and stuff. Yeah it's pretty weird because they're just like now you just realize oh my gosh that's right We don't even play dvd's anymore which was super advanced at the time. And now you don't have to bother with putting we went through my wife. And i made a couple of videos on my youtube channel as we went through our dvd's and the movies that we liked but you end up talking about the movies that you have in the dvd. And you go. Oh yeah well. Then then we've got all the links on amazon we've got other streaming we at least the gatekeepers run those streaming services aren't in the business of squelching those or hiding those from you or removing them from your libraries dot any kind of censorship whatsoever. At least you own it. You bought it. it's yours. Do whatever you want with it. Except you don't don't take the f. word or the nudity out of it. Don't do that or you watch. Obviously i think about that. Man you got baffles me. I don't understand it. I really don't know the video angel thing where they just they want to enable you to watch the show that you want it the way you want it and the studios won't let them do that. I know silly. How dare you take the f. word out of our movies ciller. How dare you take the but and snoop age scenes out of our out of our movie. Sorry i know super important but then that killed the whole storyline. Seeing that made the actress and now the actress doesn't want to get nude anymore but but then they will remove stuff like guns. An et talkies. Yes so that's okay is lucky star. wars Do you remember the the scene with han solo and the bounty hunter. And this is the first one and han. Shot him i will. They change even changed that scene. To where the bounty hunter. I think takes a shot at at han solo first and then and then solo shoots him. David change that scene so that he doesn't look like a shot pathetic absolutely rice. Where they start editing beavis and butthead they will. We're going to talk. They will got it on. Dvd you're fine. Yeah well has. Anybody been made to feel uncomfortable by beavis and butthead do constitutional now. You can't concentrate one. Hold on no. You cannot think about this though and the early nineties. They were in trouble for beavis constantly. Saying the word fire kidde set fire to his trailer home. And they blame beavis and number that right now would was it beavis or butthead who you go to jail for fire beavis was he just got up just for the movie. Obviously a work release covid restrictions. Got him out early. The other thing is when was the last time you went to a movie. Theater have been audio well. They just article that disney ceo just did his virtuous on. He's just over times over day. There's rumors amazon's gonna buy. amc theaters. but. I don't know how much truth there is to that and for what purpose but shut them down. Yeah the eliminate the competition. That's where they're gonna start of hunting packages to send the people at well. They're packing centers. Look what Who is who is it has the deal with. Hbo hbo plus or whatever. That's called max yeah. Hbo max and slicks boring maximum and oh in theaters. Okay so let's hbo maxim theaters. So amazon is probably looking to do amazon and theaters at the time. That's what they're gonna do. They'll do that. And the disney ceo even said that there are ways he's said something about not cutting the legs completely off of the although he did say it's over that ship has sailed. We've done all that people don't want. Yeah people people want it in their homes. That's true i do. I mean. I probably rather because i'm so stinking lazy. Just stay at home. Watch it at home us And it's comfortable and you don't have a sticky florida have to deal with and all that kind of stuff. They all gave pat. There's new cleaning protocols all well that's right. Yeah it's fine. So you have wiped up all of the kobe hosed down lately hosed it down but it is nice to get out of the home once in a while and just go see a movie somewhere. That's nice especially if there's food available at that theatre you wanna pay eighteen dollars for a bag of twizzlers right. You want to or twenty four dollars for a hamburger from that we do. We sell it in combo at thirty eight bus. I know okay. You can upgrade to a medium sized Soft drink for forty five. They don't have the doesn't have you but you can order a root beer float. They make it for another menu. That's only like i don't know fifty bucks eighty four dollars. Yeah but it's a scoop of ice. Yes so it's worth four votes the deciding it's only half root beer foam so you're good all right. Let me tell you about a brand new sponsor to show start mail free email services like a g mail and yahoo. You know what they're not really free you pay for it with your privacy..

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