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And then you're talking football around the country and getting come on with you guys, man. Appreciate you having me. Okay. So Houston it. Let's start there. I I wasn't gonna start there. But we probably should do this Houston Texans. I don't know if you're familiar, but I have said that I would come off the tip of my pinky if the Texans won the Super Bowl round week five tell us the mood the mood in Houston and also just like the realistic chance at the Houston. Texans could actually make a run to the Super Bowl this year where you're picky is Ronnie Lott is not going to have the Ronnie Lott treatment, he'll cut it off just to keep playing. You're safe. I think but I don't think it's going to happen there. I don't think they're ready yet guys when you look around the league at the best teams. They all have a couple of things in common. But one thing now in this day and age in particular. Said chief Patrick Mahomes. You saw rivers what they what he did today and has had a great season Wilson Brady Brees all these hundreds if they're winning the way Fiske's playing he was he was my Jared Goff guy before the season starts this year. And I think that I mean, he's not gonna put up the same numbers. But he's proven that he belongs. So all of them have the one thing in common. You got a guy that every game you go into and Watson's one of them. You can't win. They haven't happened around here. I mean, ugly. Go to the stadium playing with me where you go in and keep to win their lineup knowing that would that dude in the way their defense is planning to things that matter in January and December they got that guy in Watson who the full grown ass, man. Now, he he's got a little bit of hero syndrome in orange to make every frigging play. And doesn't know, you know, we see lock in. He's playing it doesn't know what trans win to just take the sack throw it away spectacular. He thinks he can make every place. So they're gonna play they're going to get a home game unless you know, what change down which looked like he made they can't dick around. I mean, they've got to play great in December. But their schedule is pretty easy. But I don't think they're ready because I just don't think they're explosive enough on offense. And I don't play calling wise they they know how to put their throat. Yup. But they're But they're good good enough enough to to be. be. Nick to a point. And they always keep you close. They do they keep in close. So they stay close, but they got to watch and guys at some point in time. He's an MVP guy in the league. And if they keep getting players they've got they've got the pieces, but the puzzles out there, yet your finger sake. I don't like I don't like that. I think that there. I wish you had gone the other way with that. But she brought up something interesting something we've all noticed about the Texans. They do win ugly. They're not blue in teams out. What's the difference? What what is the play calling? Where's the change need to be made in order to get that offense to the point? Where it's you know, it's like the Rams or it's like the chiefs to that next level one is you gotta have you gotta have. I don't mean to coach Gus, but you've got to trust that you can let it rip. And we we we always thought guys to stop the Xs and os a lot of times it matters. You can't have some guys afraid of his own shadow calling plays. And we've seen guys around the league are just afraid they play not to lose opposed to plan to win. I think that's a big problem. So if you've got the Xs and os, the Jimmy's in the Joe's, whom you can let it rip. Yeah. And that's and I don't think the Texans have enough Jimmy's in Joe's outside of office. Just. Yeah. Laid down bell next year. They'll be a bit stiff you're with them. They already are there because they're going to have fresh legs compla- off time though. That's the problem. Yeah. And I I think I'm will fuller being out obviously that was coming there..

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