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On a beautiful morning. But what about the ride? Might not be so nice. The Subaru retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes where the trouble spots Well, right now we're watching those big delays down and rain ham 4 95 South bound almost a two mile back up into that left lane closure after route 24 here getting into that Middleborough stretch once you clear that state of the right to do so and then you're looking good, pretty good. All the way down through Middleborough and on in tow, Wareham route 3 24 95. You're in good shape that expressed. Wait North bound. Just a minor tap on the brakes now coming up past Columbia Road, South bound a little busy coming down through Savin Hill, and then you're back up to speed after the gas tank. Downtown, lower decks, a Cambridge Okay, as is that lever connected our connector as well as the river roads and airport tunnels. Now we're still seeing delays up to the north. Here that 1 28 93 cloverleaf ramp system that's still all jammed up keeping pressure on 1 28 South bound on the brakes here from before North Avenue reading all the way down to 93 north bound 1 28 just a little slow here from Washington Street. But 93 north bound, locked up from Mont fell in stone. Um, this report sponsored by Mattress firm It's matches firm's best Memorial Day sale ever for a limited time. Save up to $500 on top rated mattress brands like Silly and Sleepy's, Plus, Get a Free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Let's get right to the weather. It does not disappoint. It is sponsored by the sump pump geeks. Here's dean of war. It is gonna be absolutely gorgeous. This afternoon is temperatures work their way up. If.

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