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He is and he reached out to the family. He's he says Very appropriate thing. Then I think he was sincere But absent speak so loud. We need not here. Your word is GONNA be interesting most time black people stay. We can't get bored if you don't go. The police officers don't go to prison. They'll give you a big settlement but you didn't get criminal prosecution. Where if you get the Criminal Prosecution? They say where no. The children can't get no sentiment because it was intentional but when that white lady was killed in Minneapolis she got a criminal conviction and they took care her family and she didn't even have children now. George got two little children. Two girls that need to be taken care. What is this going to do for them after we please convict because I love what his brother? Tv You're like this time. I know you will too. He said that the same way they had says knee own my brother's neck we don't keep out on day next and two they charge and convict these murder. Who took our brother from us. Hey Man this can happen. Man We we have to. We nudist being going on. We just can't believe y'all can see it. S dealing shot. We US now is okay now. We showed it to you and you steal a doing nothing. Hold Shock Ben Crump. We applaud you. Attorney crump I mean. You're out there all the time fighting you it's non-stars yeah for you brother. We always here for you. We appreciate you man taken out the time this morning we love you also do thanks. Brother appreciate thank you. You're listening to party morning show an IT career at Gd. It means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join..

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