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Question I'm sorry I I beg your pardon perfectly if you just want me to answer the question are there you go okay I can expound in other ways but not on that so go ahead all right to speak of a turn around of fortune he was back in the news this week and yet again for negative reasons as referee posted a video of himself screaming I cops and visit his house he's agency Rosenhaus the **** no longer representing brown until he gets help now in addition the police athletic league base and how of Florida where he resides terminated their relationship with brown and return the donation made the thirty one year old is still under an FOB destination for the lawsuit that is former trainer Freddie Taylor filed so will we ever see Antonio brown NFL again I want to say no but I think there's always going to be a chance Santonio brown he's still a town and wide receiver I think he's a goofball an idiot he's not a good guy I don't know what's happened there's there's certain thing his behavior scares me lately doesn't scare you of it that's why I'm asking the question I like I know and I think they'll give it another shot and I think it encourages that I I still don't think he wants to play in the NFL I think he's done he's tired of it but if someone's gonna hand of nine million dollars a year then he'll probably take that money it'll get himself kicked out but I will be able to keep that money that he's able to get I don't think you want to be around anymore but I also fear because this was a guy who just over a calendar year ago it feels like it's been years and has been that long he was one of the most beloved football players in the NFL and I know that there's always going to be a difference between what we see publicly and what we see personally and Ryan Clark boy here about his dirty laundry right after that happened did he not yet he was a beloved guy who didn't major major ad campaigns like it's one thing to do like it's one thing for Clinton Portis to do it eastern motors commercial in DC it's another thing to be doing Pepsi ads during the Superbowl man but he did Pepsi ads during the Superbowl that's a big deal America loved Antonio brown and he threw it all in the trash that's why I wonder if there's an in drew and drew Rosenhaus one and the same thing like there's something going on with you you need to fix this you need some therapy here next Sir could color Marie join the likes of Bo Jackson Dion Sanders right playing both in the MLB and NFL which three to the Arizona Republic the cardinals quarterback to quote I think I could athletically I think yeah I could do it I've been playing both my whole life I would love to add that to my resume and quote athletically yes with the investment I say no there's way too much right on it they did everything they could they fired their coach which probably rightfully so they prodding click cliff Kingsbury just for him this is with the investment is too high I have to go against it I think that he he would be right to go against it you have to be work working in focus one hundred percent on football physically yeah he stopped in traffic for not mistaken in baseball absolutely could but I think he plays a different position you would Dion Sanders played quarterback Dion Sanders was a great base stealer in pretty decent out the order okay header but if I remember it's been a long time Bo Jackson was an incredible talent but we're talking about a quarterback I think it's a little bit different next rub over this P. rows back in the news the anything also joins you now to the Asher's cheating scandal still did this did you yes go ahead you talk to the NJ dot com saying how rose didn't take the game by betting is on team obviously Asher's did because they cheated the game says P. rose like the tension actually ones.

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