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Content warning miscellaneous violence. Lots of people are unable to see all kinds of truths right in front of their eyes. It's the Dean Koontz Boo Club. I think he listed every single commute. Now I'M GONNA chew. Somebody's not an actor but I think he could have an acting career. Has God knows this is over. He's in my top three cool dude. That's like him. Arnold Schwarzenegger shadow the Hedgehog for sure. I'm Steven Indra Sada. And I'm Phoenix Crockett. And this week we are reading the face published in two thousand and four just as a note up at the top here. If you're listening to this podcast for the first time start with literally any other episode Jesse Saint. The one folks just trust us on this. Do not start with this one for no particular reason if Phoenix annex out. Fuck Hey Steven would you like to take us to the main points share? Would Phoenix former? Lapd COP even Truman his head of security. For the wildly famous extravagantly rich channing the face Mannheim at his Los Angeles estate he intercepts a series of six increasingly disturbing packages at the estate. And who even that he might know who the sender is based on CICI TV footage of a certain car license plate. He goes to Ralph Raynor's apartment there. He has an involuntary and Musetta premonition. About being shot by rainer so he only gets grief look at. He also has flashbacks from his wife and daughter. Question marks death at the hands of errands sports car driver Ethan.

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