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Then we go to number ten a bona fide classic i mean wizard of oz you can't you can't get more pure than that but i think the thing that i was blown away by was how much influence that movie is had on current top movies star wars is visit advice star wars just so much the wizard of oz like even when star wars comes out roger ebert wrote about it he said star wars is a fairytale fantasy a legend finding its roots and some of our most popular fictions the golden robot lying face space pilot and insecure little computer on wheels must have been suggested by the tin man cowardly lion the scarecrow in the wizard of oz well i did find this interview with mark hamill where he talks about the tonal similarity that he saw where he said that he played luke skywalker like he was dorothy the thing that's really winning about star wars if it's not like we're winking at the camera like isn't this queue kind of camp stuff it's very sincere it's like weed gotten into a time machine and were transported back to thirties where it wasn't corny anymore and for maybe the most wash me on this list then we're going to go to ninety swing time with ginger rogers and fred astaire movie that neither of us had seen and that both of us we're pretty shocked by in yeah we figured the best people help us unpack this are the host of yo is this racist i don't think i've ever seen a movie with black face in like no i don't think so i don't know didn't white christmas and has ever seen that so google bit about this and i read a lot of white people saying that this is not problematic.

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