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As the name might have given away, I'm Jason beam, and we talk about horse racing. So that's what we're going to do. I like to picture somebody new listening to the show and they just heard that corny intro. They're just like, nope. Let's see. Let's see what's going on over Steve big show. Four to tell. One of the other ones not taking listen to this idiot. Anyways, happy to be with you guys here on this Monday, a new week, a shortened holiday week. Of course, so Thanksgiving author Thursday we will have shows Monday through Thursday. I get Thanksgiving off. I get the major holidays off. That's part of my deal. And so we'll have guest tomorrow. We'll have guest Wednesday. We'll have just Jason Thursday. Don't want to bother the jury guys. It's their Thanksgiving too. Chef is often said, though, on holidays, I can still bug him. So maybe I'll bug shop. We'll see. But looking forward to that, of course, Wednesday opening day for us here down a Tampa Bay downs. The card is drawn the morning line odds are set. And big fields. 9 in the first race, and then everything else is ten or more. So they're not going to go easy on your buddy here. But as I told my boss, I said, I eat ten horse fields for breakfast. No prob colonial. They give me 14 for the early double every day. What is Tam? What is 11 or 12? So I'm looking forward to that. We'll talk more about that of course on tomorrow's show. Rent for others going to join us. She's our handicapper and analyst out at Tampa Bay downs. We'll talk about the meat. We'll probably talk a little bit about opening day in a couple of races and just catch up with ren. She of course does a lot of work for the breeders cup as well. See what she's been doing with them and some of the interview stuff she does and more. Pat, I know, we're talking to rent on Wednesday. It'll be a four opening day at Tampa. Tomorrow's pack Cummings. From the third idea foundation, racing think tank pat they just released another. They've been releasing these, I think they call them they call white papers. I forget exactly what the verbiage is. But, you know, yeah. But we'll talk he writes a lot about betting, obviously wrote about the delmar incident and of course patent his group have been working and talking about a lot of stuff in the world of racing. So I thought it would be very fun to catch up with Patton. See what going on with all of that stuff and more. I realized I've known pat for 15 years because I started I met pat for the first time like one of my first weeks at river downs. He stopped by. So always good to have him on the show. So looking forward to that tomorrow rent or others Wednesday and I said Thursday, we'll preview. The weekend, but it'll also be like, you know, Thursday, Friday, Saturday because their stakes races Thursday Friday and Saturday. There's good stakes race Thursday Friday Saturday. Some even good ones I think Sunday. The Sunday the 28th of Churchill is closing day, so that'll be the final stars of tomorrow day and there's also a mandatory payout that day. And you know, I always like to keep you guys up to date on some of the promos going on at to inspire stock Tom. They're going to have a hidden split at a $3000 for the pick 6 on the 28th. And make sure with every promo you got to go to the website and opt in. It's also Kentucky Derby future pool one coming up this weekend and if you opt in $50.

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