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President joe biden has had no problem reversing policies that were instituted by the former guy even did some on his first day in office but undoing the deal the orange one signed with the taliban in february of twenty twenty had little wiggle room to get out this according to national security advisor jake sullivan. He answered questions in a press briefing on tuesday and he said renegotiating the agreement would have led to an onslaught of attacks on. Us troops some of trump's advisors have said that the twenty twenty agreements should not have been honored but the orange guy went on the fox channel. Tuesday night spoke to his friend. Sean hannity about the deal that he cut with the taliban and its defacto leader abdulgani barra dr who arrived in afghanistan on tuesday for the first time in more than a decade he had been in jail until donald trump negotiated for his release. We had a great deal. We worked very hard. Mike pompeo a brilliant guy and many others worked on it endlessly meetings with the taliban. Of course you have to meet with the taliban they're the ones that you're negotiating with. I spoke on numerous occasions to the head of the taliban and we had very strong conversation to who to moolah bara. Dr who is probably the top person now. Nobody really knows that. That person is but i would say that's probably the top person but i had a very strong conversation. I also had a good conversation with him. We talked for a while after that. That was the primary point. I was making and he understood it and now barra. Dr is in charge. Wow the united states is now focused on getting thousands of afghans out who've helped us over the past twenty years. The taliban have allegedly agreed to provide safe passage to the airport for civilians. Who can come to the us. But no one knows how long the group will stay cooperative and what actions they may take against. People who remain in the country taliban leaders have said they will provide blanket amnesty for all of afghanistan as they establish their new regime but us officials and some citizens. Well don't necessarily trust them. In the few days. Since the taliban took control of kabul women have reportedly stayed indoors for fear of their safety democrats in charge of three senate. Committees are vowing now to hold hearings on the us military withdrawal showing that the biden administration is receiving very little cover from its allies in the capital. Stay tuned so congress is out on recess. But they're still work being done including negotiations over. Police reform one of the many pieces of legislation working. Its way through congress. Now we learn that one of the biggest issues is no longer for debate that issue being qualified immunity. That's what shields police officers from civil liability when they do something wrong. It's remained one of the main points of contention in the police reform negotiations. And now it's being taken off the table. Why republicans have been confirmed that they have no interest in getting rid of qualified immunity. Then why bother moving onto cove ed. What's bad is getting worse and in texas. The governor has tested positive for covert nineteen governor. Abbot who is fully vaccinated actually even got the third booster shot. Says he's not experiencing any symptoms but his isolating at the governor's mansion. Well no wonder he's experiencing no symptoms. He got three shots and now he's also getting a treatment of regeneration. The monoclonal antibody treatment that the governor of florida is schilling for seriously. I hope the sheen from santa's is beginning to fade. Is people get a glimpse of his mini. Trump's stick has latest is a doozy to santa's has been flying around the state in recent days promoting the drug regeneration and setting up monoclonal antibody treatment sites in three different counties around the state note that the treatment is expensive. One treatment cost the government more than a thousand dollars while a vaccine costs about twenty five. And it's not very simple to administer. Either it's done with an iv infusion and no vaccines are offered at those sites and of course to santa's is order banning mask mandates is in full effect Well now we know why he's doing this. His top political donor a guy named ken griffin. The ceo of the chicago based hedge fund citadel has invested nearly sixteen million dollars in regeneration pharmaceutical. Of course he has. The same guy also donated almost eleven million dollars to support to santa's through his pack. Follow the money. Meanwhile today's the first day of school in broward county florida now on tuesday. The florida state board of education voted unanimously to quote. Take all legal steps to investigate and take action against the latch. Iowa and broward county school districts because they impose nasc mandates in violation of desanta says order banning them and the board threatened again to penalize the county's by withholding state funds the biden administration has already said they would step in and make the district's whole unbelievable. And if you're sitting here bitching about having to wear a mask or being told to get vaccinated check this out. New zealand the country. That probably did the best in stopping. The spread of kovic is under lockdown again new zealand prime minister jacinta are dern announced tuesday that her government was imposing a national lockdown. This after they confirmed the country's first kovic nineteen case since february one infection and they're shutting down ardor said authorities assumed the infection was caused by the highly infectious delta variants the patient and unvaccinated man tested positive in auckland but had traveled around the country. Under this lockdown people must stay home for three days. All businesses except those deemed essential like supermarkets and pharmacies must remain closed. The last time the country was under a level. Four lockdown was a year ago one case and they shut it down we could learn a thing or two from our new zealand friends here at home. The tsa announced that it will extend the federal transportation mask mandate through january eighteenth..

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