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Monti why they call it in mind okay rome fool global headquarters this is motley goal money it's the medical money radio show i'm chris own joining me in studio this we can million dollar portfolio jason moser from supernova david kretzman from total income ron bros could to see was always gentleman a as of yet the latest headlines from wall street sports illustrated columnist andrew durant is our guest this week as always will give you an inside look at the stocks on our radar but we begin once again with the weather last week it was hurricane harvey and now as of this taping hurricane alma is bearing down on florida jp morgan out with analysis friday morning that estimates the economic damage of those two store we'll be equal to half of the total damage done by every hurricane hitting the u s cents nineteen 65 ron and yes the did adjust for 2017 dollar and goodness we knew it was going to be bad i don't think we were expecting it to be dispatched yeah and obviously our thoughts go out to everyone who is affected having said that this is a business show so i'm gonna hit the hit hit it with the cold hard facts i tend to think that in general natural disasters do not have significant impacts on a national level especially when you take into account the demand and the spending that's created by the rebuilding efforts typically a short term he do we use the word blood but blip if anything that comes back later during the rebuilding time now having said that there are individual companies and industries that will be impacted in the short term and perhaps some in the mediumterm insurance and reinsurance is the first industry that jumped out at me i'm that will be impacted although unfortunately flood insurance is is typically not held by most people and in a lot of cases um certainly from harvey it was a flood of event where erma is more of a wind impact that will be covered but the industry is is has a lot of surplus that should be there to pay these claims some actually not too worried about the insurance soxil although they might trade lower in the near term yeah you might see some industries impacted more than others home depot on lows might see more business used car.

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