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Prior years Yeah hey what's up dude it's Barry Zito I'm still right here bro right down here in Nashville now, musical city bro musical magical city? Full of mindfulness and thinks you good? I just finished my morning. Meditation. It's almost time to cleanse like I'm introducing lots of beets lots of. Carrots you know dude some sprouts things like that Yeah it's pretty debris it's time again to, October second get, on out, there, and be, well dude bro Sign, up now a bridge to bridge dot com, ca Occurring to me that. I don't think Murph has heard, the other. New bridge the bridge played the new, Weiland Marty Walsh there's a whole batch coming next week just pre-. Preemptive kind of announcement copay hasn't heard. The new stuff now he hasn't heard the. Other two I know. You, were looking. Up to you I'll I'll play him Ian Ian guard, Eck, was the guy we were looking at and he's. He's, he's a metalhead who went to a Metallica show. Yeah On before he had Tommy John surgery in preschool Peter tweet essay shout out to. My new favorite giant Ian guard yeah and. I wrote back to metallic, is like. A little light for you is that like an appetizer, ties, extremely heavy Selena Gomez to you know what I. Mean Bieber you? Got Newbridge, Brady's take these, calls I'm just telling you they're here they're here? When. You need them later you've done as a tease their here's our buddy. Brian from rohnert park a? Solid collar is, checking in Brian good morning how are you I'm doing great Social relationship Very nice Ralph Ralph. Told Ponzi nice. Is great. Is man he just got an. Early. Night bye I could find. After him. So I think they define the. Beginning Relate genius genius Either, teams Attributed I'm I'm pretty sure The Padres a.

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