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Talent entered a 10 select silently australian police have seized a record haul of a methamphetamine ingredient smuggled from thailand in t battle the australian federal police say to people were arrested after the bust last month at a sydney sea cargo examination facility they say the liquid ephedrine could have been used to make up to three point five billion australian dollars or two point seven billion us dollars worth of methamphetamine the hall was said to be three point nine eight metric tonnes or four point three seven us tonnes the statement said australian border force officers detect the shipment based on in from the shooting of two security guards on the sort of a denzel washington movie and boston has led to charges against two men it happened early saturday at the city's rocks spectrum on the spread of a sequel to the equaliser police raid nothing was being filmed at the time it doesn't appear the guards were targeted the guards forty year old woman an 33yearold man suffered nonlife threatening injuries and were released from hospital police are the arrest of two 18yearold jump through martinez and thumbs perkins for charged with assault with intent to murder and other ghana fences some human traits the linked to sunlight may be influenced by a person's neanderthal forefathers according to a study published this week scientists to the max planck institutes for eva lucien uri anthropology in germany also confirmed that some neanderthal dna found in people of gnome african sent effects their skin and hair color they're not in any single direction the findings suggest neanderthals were already won adapted to loewen fariab ah levels of sunlight in europe when modern humans first right there from africa some fifty thousand years ago researchers looked at the genome of more than one hundred thousand britons who inherit two dna from neanderthal ancestors and found they reported higher rates of listeners loneliness staying up late and smoking scientists have known for years that neanderthals and modern humans into brent about two percent of the dna of people have non african descent comes from nantu fills a species the became tanked about forty thousand years ago previous studies have examined the link between diseases and the and a full dna concluding that the ancient dna can influence illnesses such as diabetes vip on the mountain from the ribbit well desk i you reach the high fashion hotline hi my family.

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