Oregon, Ammon Bundy, Attorney discussed on Radio From Hell


They it happened because the jury was split will be a standoff up in oregon but curry was sweat on what they should do they the these the so you know oregon stand out of the the the protesters their ammon bundy in the the rest of them never men asst anyone with their guns they had guns but they never managed anyone with them ever the fact that he never grew dumb they never drew their weapons they never threatened anyone with them the and then bundy told be oregonian's and so some people said they you know they and so that's there are there were some there was some talk i guess and the jury of well maybe we should charge them something lesser them but that was an an option so the jori just remained deadlocked and then finally they just said well we have to a quick them which told me you can walk into a government building with a gun and set up camp will go ahead and as well you don't point to go with anybody no one will make you leave and you can just do that that's we did it that easily we did it legally bundy said the jury's birdie confirmed that bundy so the trial ended in another example of the government not following the law when us marshall's arrested his attorney for challenging the judges order to keep him in custody now the job the judge said he got to keep him in custody because he still facing charges for the nevada standoff oh you mean or you can occupy government property and not pay your and point and point guns federal official crowd now there has all the hours now down there they have it's an part of the part of the part of the oregon thing is that they they felt some sympathy for them because of the being an killing of authentic them because there he finished come if you look at the video there was some evidence to suggest that he might have been reaching for a gun but he did not ever pull out a gunmen brandish it and he was shocked and there were some sympathy for him on the jury and sympathy for his family.

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