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You lose that first game all of a sudden starts to get a little hot under the collar. So Noah playoff schedule right there i. This team up a lot in and west probably tires because I think even compared. One of your softball teams. One of the shield teams to the eighty nine forty niners. When I came home and I'm rooting for the Texans because the chiefs beat the night drinkable. Right. Ceo Thinking that team I think they ended up going fourteen into. Closer to like within one or sixteen in our juggernaut. Schemes ever right and the thing was every week. You know if you WANNA be someone that's out there thinking I'm rooting against the chiefs I'm waiting for something bad to happen like you are rolling uphill because it's just they just has a look of a team that is going to just find new ways to win become more powerful by the week and you know we all know a few chiefs fans and they kinda struggled. And suffered for a long time with teams that came close now you have a team that got there in just a question of how many more they can win at this point and I don't like to jump too far ahead because these things don't happen that often. But this is a very different situation than some of the other one off super? Bowl. Winners we've seen before I'm with the we we'd be remiss that dimension. Some of the pre-game stuff that the Texans stayed in the locker room. Like it used to be back for the first you know seventy eight years of the NFL they never outside of the locker room for the national anthem until until the last two decades in. Their Safety Justin reads they consider delaying the game they had talked about You know whether they would come out late you know and have the game start late as as a way to raise awareness, they decided not to do that a state in the locker room you know the teams locked arms at midfield in the chiefs crowd that was there booed them pretty hard core at that moment with which was interested. We won't see that like in in other stadiums, but it is still just a sea change. To, see the league itself kind of embracing that with the messages on the players helmet. It's a IT'S A it's a lot different than it was when Colin and most and most stadiums are gonna be empty on Sunday but it was interesting vibe. It felt like week for the preseason in terms of the crowd where you have about fifteen twenty, thousand people in their people are cheering but because it's such a big space in its open air. It just doesn't have the same energy, but it's going to be better than other games that we watch him. Be Stupor odd. Super Odd this this week I think it. I think it can be two things which will be odd. That's on of course that that is true but I also think it's a TV sport and The. Quality of plays good and the replay I don't know it just it's still felt like, NFL football to me. I think we're also getting a little bit used to it. I. Mean we're whatnot. Football will be a whole different world than baseball and basketball. But how long did it really take you to get used to watching baseball without fans? I'm not saying it's better or worse but I mean it's not that jarring that I can't functionally deal with it as a human I mean it's weird year hopefully, it doesn't stay this way but. I don't know I mean normally a big baseball fan I've I've hated the experience with no fans feel it takes away a lot of the like energy and for football you could turn that up and multiply by ten arrowhead should have been going bonkers tonight and that would have added more excitement to it but that's just yeah that's the cards we've been delta's a as the world right now it is what it is. Well, there's also the player that might not care, and then there's the other player. There are other talked about how fuel off the fans I think football. You know what all the sports, but there are certain football players. Might turn in a different performance with eighty thousand people cheering them or doing them. All right. That's it for the recap of Thursday night football a reminder you could check out the preview of all the week one games that have not been played yet on your whatever wherever you listen to your podcast. It was an episode we released released earlier on Thursday. So make sure you check that out and then come back of course Sunday night. Our flagship program of the around the NFL.

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