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Like, they didn't in to remember how the controller was a fly specialized what if they'd like, it's a it's a Nintendo way we intend to assemble it out of Kabul. That's a more updated reference. One in the era of the XBox hands free control on straw city. I think I don't think they'll I don't think it will be anything. I think they'll just tell the steering wheel would just make it a retro future fun. Yeah. But it's not a we didn't it used to be like a real like like a disgusting old black Ford fail. I know something like that. Look some old Kindy original the original was disgusting. I think it was slick. Yeah. Right. But it was like an older model car. Yeah. Because you know, they're they're organization from the fifties. Yeah. Yeah. And after that, we've got son of shaft now, you might say what's going on in the shaft of this. Yeah. I'll tell you. So the original shaft if you remember those three or four films from the seventies detective, one of the first kind of major black man be there. He's a black dick and he's sex machine with all the chicks that sums things up a match off. Cut to the two thousand dish. Oh, yeah. There's a Ray boat. It's not a sacred with is a cycle this her nephew. Samuel Jackson is plying the new version of shaft who's a call. Yep. But some racism gets the better of a situation stars daddy's badgers. Like, I'm no longer a cop on the shot. And he goes and kills Christian bio who's? This one is a sacred set in that same universe with San Jackson and the original shaft and he's going to now. Sam Jackson shock has a son who's also Schaaf. Now, I think the sun is the grandson of the original shaft variety. I saw L related anyway. This could be great. I agree. I love that. They brought this back in it's in the same universe lead. Richard Roundtree is still alive. Yeah. Make it looks great. So on those any of the originals. I remember thinking thousand mom was vanish from memory. I don't recall by okay? I remember the Christian by obeying spooky in it. And also the dude from Westwood who's the designer Arnold was in it. And he's like a lunatic. Yeah. Right. I remember him being really good. Yeah. Kilo? But yeah, I don't remember it much else about it. But this is co man, I'm glad they're doing it. And then after that, we go Toy Story full away, your childhood is gonna make you cry self to death or whatever, that's right toys, full not going to say it right now. I'll probably say, right. My say in July, we've got spot man, he's far from home and providing all sorts of Jacqueline homes. Oh, he's a good guy. He's not not bad. It's still a good. We've got a caravan garbage this week about we mentioned last week was I should come out of this week about mysterious origin, and the animated concerts right in a lot of fun. And also yesterday that was a video on the channel. Which is about weed spot him ambulance that we go through and some. We we watch San's we probably do another video on mall Manville. Yeah. Again, a lot of people's favorite. Spot of villain is the spot with Russell some family. Don't what have they done with it. And also, you know, what he's what he's one skill is spider. Man. Punches him any punches himself. Yes. That's it. That's a good skill. That is a good skill. Yeah. After The Lion King. It's The Lion King. That's it. We you saying that it's not one hundred percents. It's not a it's not sure if the shot Joe show. Okay. Yeah. Punch for punch. Yeah. And after that we've got this mob. Interesting once upon a time in Hollywood, which is Tarantino's next film. All that's right. I've seen some set footage of that Giuffre trial soon. Apparently, we'll have to because it's out in July. With Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt has Bain. He's he's he's got the long hair back. He's kind of day is to is to his film runaways sell show. I think this movie will say the prison for haircuts all coming having. Coming decade because I feel I can read bit showing up inglorious..

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