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It was Spencer Davis when they recorded that song. You haven't mentioned that weight. The only one I'd let David Lee Roth time last week was telling me All very confused. It is risky. If Gina it's not confusing yourself kissing on Steve would would. I don't know anything about Spencer Davis. And he's the one that died. I just told you about Spencer Davis. He was 81. He formed the band Davis Group. They had three hits with Steve Winwood singing So you're telling me after What you're telling me here is as usual. You don't listen to a thing. No, I just think you're hung up on Steve Winwood, and he didn't even die. You're the one who keeps bringing up. Steve would now we've got a texture asking. Did Sam Elliott dy? No mite is Emilia? Did you watch the that ran during the World Series for No, because it was during the world's No. I found it too confusing. I couldn't. I couldn't want watcher that was too confusing. I thought, What is this? Is this an ad for beef? Wasn't it? It was an ad for Joe Biden. It wasn't a never beef because if it's Sam Elliott, I'm thinking it's beef. Is it Biden? He's what's for dinner. Is that what they you've got? You've got the calming soothing Speaking to the seniors, voice of Sam Elliott telling him to vote for Joe, but I'm confused. Does he want us to vote for Joe Biden? Nor does he want us to eat beef? Yeah. Both actually That's confusing. I think, with Sam Elliott ever in a band I'm just wondering why you don't think he did. I said, I heard a little bit of that Add and he didn't sound well. Sam Elliott is older. Here's oldest Spencer Davis. Spencer Davis was 81 when he died in Los Angeles, Gina Spencer Davis died in Los Angeles. He was 81. Let's see. 76 Sam Elliott, seven. Oh, Here's a picture of Steve Winwood and his brother Muff Winwood. Why do you have to get the name off? Now? That's confusing to me. You think my office is real name or a nickname? I don't know. Let's look, it could be a simple as his parents hated him. Oh, yeah, Here's. Here's why it's muff because his real first name is Mervyn. Mervyn like the story. That's a really lame I can't go by Mervyn! Mervyn. Just call me Mum. Call me Mum. I'm prone to accidents. And my name is Mervyn. So call me, Ma. You know, I muffed it his way. Ah, well, anyway, Steve and Steve Winwood, one of the great voices of all time, I think, Is he still really stuff? No, but muff was named after because now I've gone down. Oh, I almost said that I probably shouldn't have gone to the low. Don't just What is that? What's wrong with that? TV character called Muffin, The Mule, a British TV character. That's what you do. That's you know, that's one of those things. Jean When you bring up a fact like that, I go. You are always curious where people's nicknames come from. That's a thing with, you.

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