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Per hundred patients. It makes you think a little bit here now if I was family member that have lost a loved one here in the State of Michigan and they were refused the access to this drug. That was at least for two weeks on the radar being known to have had success in France and also had been using it as gentle regimen in China. I think I'd get myself an attorney. It's any say we're GONNA save everybody but at least two studies says it's looking pretty good and and hospital. Physicians and nurses in New York are using it as a prophylactic. The basically protect themselves. Now what is this just to be clear? We know that this is a malaria drug. I took this drug for months on end and doxycycline as well took a variety of drugs to the to prevent malaria when I was travelling overseas for many many years and especially in the early eighties being in places. Even after. Got All my shots. The is on the stuff for years. They care about my heart. They didn't want me get malaria. So I was using it as a prophylactic as a preventive measure to catching malaria not to treat malaria. So these doctors and nurses I think are on track here to have done what they've done and yet in this state out of spite or whatever reason she decided to threaten doctors with administrative action if they used it and I am just not happy. I know a few other states did as administrative actions to stop Dr Shrum like prescribing it for themselves and further their their parents and their kids. But if you got doctors that WanNa do that for the parents or their kids. Then they're gonNA do that for the patients you know. I think all of us would probably at this point with like to have her hands on a little bit of that supply. People say oh. Never take a drug without your doctor's permission she whatever and a lot of people do and have and will do in the future into that at your own risk and I'm not saying we should Be using that when people are dying but after this is all over I can absolutely guarantee you there will people going online ordering this stuff from India and bringing it in and stashing it. I don't Care Peo- don't do that. He would just go ahead. Go about your business so anyway. That's kind of my my irritant right. Now we'll open up the call line at the end of the show today again. You WANNA call in. Mbc Those you watch live if you WANNA stick around get through the actual tech stuff here said me bitch about the doctors which doctors the governor and not complain about the doctors. They're doing they're doing heavy duty right now. They need all our accolades and support. But when I'm a don guess I'm done here talking about the government we can move on but some of you including can't wait to hear Adam Curry in the no agenda. Show talk about this announcement. The FTC today has announced that they're going to sue to unwind Marlboro. Yes the cigarette company. They're twelve point. Eight unwind their eight twelve point. Eight billion dollar investment and. We talked about this on this show. Many vaping maybe you don't care but the two companies are accused of illegally restraining trade. They were the ones that really had a lot of influence. Had stuff run through Congress disc simply destroyed other competitors and At the time even people upset within jewel due to the sudden hypercritical stance of claiming to be a way to help people quit smoking. And then having a mid major investor that was to- tobacco giant S- according to the FTC. The partnership came up after Ultra Algeria. Which is the company that owns brands like Marlboro and Virginia? Slims agreed not to compete with upstart getting exchange for that big steak and It did they conspired and a really bay really turned the tables on a lot of companies in all this stuff about strawberry flavored vaping. And all that stuff all those flavors they were instrumental they were ultimately instrumental in pushing for that band. Now I don't care if you've ape. It's that's your business. I don't care if you smoke drink with that. That's your choice right and I don't care if you smoke and the kids are going to be smoking. Strawberry vapes well. The kids will be smoking. Cigarettes O- otherwise a but anyway the flavored vapes are gone and now jewel is the. Ftc ARE GONNA come ahead. I hope they just get a ripped a new one day. Be Honest with you. I hope the FTC comes down really really really hard on them. So Yeah Greg. I won't read your comment on the Air. Live but yeah. I wonder if she would've one one could only ask one could only wonder so anyway. Hey thanks for being here for you on. If you're watching live make sure you say hello. You know where I'm primarily the watches on facebook's if you're on youtube or if you're on on On twitter wherever it may be just come over to facebook dot com for slash Cochran. You'll find me there. You can participate the public stream. Come over and say hello. Next thing up Amazon is GonNa Stop Selling Ninety five and surgical masks to the public. So if you're trying to get just a surgical mask nothing. That was an ninety five. You can't you're done you can't order these anymore. It will prior tries hospitals in governments instead so now my sister the other day. Kim. She's a nit a nigger and she was knitting. Some mass is town. I said That's not going to help in any way shape or form she goes. No no no. This is going to go over the mask and I'm like and then you're just going to have another thing you gotta wash. So I know they're making mask and people are selling stuff and it's going to be a market. That's going to be big huge from now on but you're not gonna get it through Amazon They're gonNA privatize hospitals and governments instead I have one one and ninety five mass that I found one. I don't have ten I have one and You know what good is is one you can use it for one day and you have to throw it away or whatever unless you have one of those machines but no one has those except for hospitals now. So that's the news out of What's going on with Amazon? Some Updates T. mobile has merged with the sprint except California's pissed because they went ahead and did it without California's permission. So I guess it's better to ask forgiveness and asked for permission the California whatever the tax board or whatever that group is there you know the the twenty five layers of bureaucracy in California to do business and it's really that level of bureaucracy Basically told him to wait till the sixteenth. But I think T- moments sprint is just about had enough so don't worry it doesn't change too much with more than one hundred million users to carries a now have a custom race closer to skill to larger rivals. Eighteen Bryson There'll be a big change coming especially for sprint customers. Who all of a sudden a new provider from devices and five G. to rate plans and features and Here's the main thing your phone's going to still work Just because of mergers closed does not mean that your phone will no longer connect both Tim O. `Esprit networks will be up and running in devices that connect them should be able to do so for now for any for without any interruptions with Britain joining t mobile users on both networks. You start to see improvements in coverage in fact this process has already started with T. mobile expanding roaming agreements let sprint users onto its network. As part of his response to the pandemic and So it's just going to happen automatically you get free roaming. Is this all one company now? But we'll see what happens over time with billing and five G. and plans and all that stuff so that is sports coming but now they are once so sprint lives to see another day and T. mobile might be able to compete a little bit more with the with the big boys and Depending on where you live here. I live out in the country. T. Mobile is is by far king? verizon is close behind. At and T. is absolute and So we'll see what happens there. Facebook has debuted. Check this out. Don't think the corona virus didn't affect them they they debuted a standalone messenger. And Mac. Excuse me a messenger APP for both Mac and PC's so now you're gonNA have video calls and chats to your desktop again. It's a separate APP completely. It's not tied directly to facebook so That's big news on on that front So again you can do in unlimited and free group video calls. The desktop at will sink across mobile offer notifications for new messages and support dark molding gifts in the past month. They split says it seemed more than one hundred percent increase in people using the browser of course Their desktop browser face yeah using messier. I guess so. You'll never longer have to juggle browser tabs and windows. It's a separate APP all by itself. Okeydoke we'll see what happens there zoom. They they have really they really really really have. Come under scrutiny. I did four zoom.

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