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But further signaled its defiance by broadcasting pictures of anti-aircraft military exercises and yesterday at an anti US rally, the head of Iran's revolutionary guard warned that America would threaten Iran at it's peril. That's Elizabeth Palmer in Tehran one of the NASCAR fans and went to the hospital of carbon monoxide poisoning. That fan is passed away. Human were staying inside a converted bus on the infield of text Motor Speedway. The Fort Worth fire departments is bystanders called nine one one yesterday morning saying the men were sick. The fire department says they were using a generator without proper ventilation. When crews arrived a passer-by was performing CPR. The two men were first taken to the clinic at the speedway than one man was airlifted to a hospital in plano to be treated in a hyperbaric chamber. The other went by ambulance to a hospital a few miles south on thirty five W that man has died. The Tarrant county medical examiner says he was forty nine years old and lived in flower mound. Alan sky NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD to North Texas. School communities grieving over the loss of their music teachers yesterday morning twenty-eight-year-old, Jeremy Bowen and twenty six year old Ashley Morrison were killed in a crash as they were making their way back to Fort Worth from Stephenville. The crash happened on I twenty and Weatherford DPS Arjun. Dub Gillam says while the official cause of the crash has not yet been determined. Fatigue may have played a role sergeant Gillam is actually known bones family for years and says Jeremy Bowen was a bright light in the world smile with so contagious. We always had smile on his face from year to year. One was the choir director of Greenbury highschool while Morrison was a music teacher at Hoover elementary in the as assistant district superintendent Todd Smith says Morrison made quite an impression in her brief time at Hoover. She was always happy. She was full of joy or happiness and joy with build around. Andrew Greenstein NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD hunt is on for stolen World War Two headstone in east Texas, Mark the grave of Earl d Murray and showed he served in the United States army in World, War, Two and Korea. Smith county sheriff's office says someone stole that from the cemetery in September Christmas decorations are major indicator of how happy someone is comes from a psychoanalyst Steve mccown claims people who put their Christmas decorations up early are happier than those who wait till after thanksgiving. He says when times are tough people want to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas decorations can take you back to your childhood. It's time for north Texans care brought to you by mission advancement were Gun Talk. Bell ringers next.

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