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Yeah i mean there's a a um hundreds probably right these kind of the best yeah but there's there's um a favor quote of mine and i've said it before in the show but it's from uh on a your football fan of all but from by favorite football coach alltime again in vince lombardi who coached the green bay packers back when i was growing up first super bowl champions ever and and it's got this he was incredible deep thinker about developing people and their capabilities and as human beings not justice as players and d has this the slow quote like that sounds like points called winning is a habit but has interesting no progressional up just give it to you know he said i watch your thoughts they become your beliefs watch your beliefs they become your words watch your words they become your actions watcher actions they become your habits watcher habits they become your character wow and his to see how that soldiers logically builds right as rightist myth thoughts but the are we are we conscious of our using the slots in translating those into our belief system our values and we're taking our beliefs and yet putting down words and say hey this is what i stand for and then you have this inherent natural desires humans to to really be congruent with our thoughts and be consistent with our thoughts and our action so you know once we've written i'm donna words dairy taken actions that are congruent with those and if we are consistently practicing those they become our habits and that defines who hours person or dan i love that it yeah i i had this written down online owes us referee i'm just going through madda always it yet accurate inanda bottom up one of the stage hazard and i don't know where i heard this.

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