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In front of grace kind of take away that middle area. They've had really good body position. And some of those players like point and Miller on the high slot area. Pointed Zeke is point wins. It they got a center point right circle coup. Drop shoots blocked by Mayfield. Rebound. Scott Mayfield on the nearside trying to clear it for Martin does dump it down. The ace is going to again be an icing. Will continue to take those the clock is ticking down now to four left. The islanders who had a three up lead. Not even five minutes into this game or four one. Pointed to see this again. What again by point mcdonagh centerpoint? Takes a shot. It's blocked Mayfield. And the rebound. Rip sit around the far side Miller knocks it down. Hold left circle to stamkos center point. Kucha cross ice. Mcdonagh of circle he has the leading goal tonight. Centerpoint stamp goes shoots wide left rebound. Mcdonagh would have been at forty two remaining. Cross a scooter operates circle circle the point point look at things over. Millery corner, right circle. Kucherov a little center feet. It's rabbi stamkos. He shoots left circle saved by grace. And he sprawls hoarded covers he is so sharp. But some of these great score is the lady generated walked down to one thousand nine lightning almost at forty shots on goal and a nice little backhanded pass by Tyler Johnson in front to get the puck to Steven stamkos and Greis once again swallowing the rebound up there. Islanders just making it so difficult to come up the middle here. They'll have to move the faster, especially with the man advantage here. Six five. It has got to keep moving the islanders. Trying to catch them out of position.

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