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Two seasons have been low Maybe that's an effective in being on that bottom line. I don't think he was on the bottom line for the unders and even the couple years previous four buffalo so it's definitely limited role so you're probably not going to get that much out of him but let's say he goes back to forty points. I mean obviously again bottom foresaw. I don't see that happening bottom six bottom line. I don't know but you know you got good. Contributed contributors from him. You know sam reinhart. He's a good guy who's been is part of this team for years. I know they just resigned him at five point two got ican there thompson so that third line is incredible and then even bottom line i would say you can get some goalscoring out of yeah. I think less of a defensive six and they're they're trying to pad up the scoring on the bottom six. Yeah but then it but looking at their at their defense Yeah that's when you kind of have a couple of question marks but what point do you trade a great defensive team for high scores. You know we've seen that a lot with high powered is scoring teams. See i feel like the thing with The buffalo defense is you know they obviously have rasmin stallion defenseman At like twenty one twenty. Two are no. He's only he's only twenty. I don't even know but so great defense style lean. He's yeah he's like twenty or twenty one and then you have a few players. Such as rasmussen salonen colin miller who are all like solid top four defenceman. They're like third fourth defensemen. So you know it's like you ca. I don't think it's a bad deekor I wouldn't say it's bad. You know. I mean it could be improved upon but anything to get improved upon where. I think that it's kind of unproven as goaltending with linus ullmark and carter hutton. Well all mark. That mistaken needs to resign this year as an end of next season didn't he. I think it's next season now. They just sign them all right so he signed on your deal. Yeah okay. that's why. I'm getting confused. So yeah it's a one year deal. I mean he's twenty seventy at that point. Where like if he's going to be anything is going to be now. I mean last season. He had a nine a nine one. Five save percentage so that's not bad to sign it goes against grenades small sample of thirty four games. Yeah so he definitely split to season. But i think that this team and i don't wanna i don't wanna say on an unproven team. 'cause watch us just get caught here but i think that could be good. I think we they are an improvement on proven team though. I think we could definitely see something if everything goes well. Yeah yeah. I'm with that cool. I like that all right so i think to wrap things up for today's episode. We wanna touch on the last Top unrestricted free agents We have ten. that remain. Unsigned here that we kind of want to go through Kind of over like a little bit. I guess of the rumors about them right now. And our thoughts. Yeah right I guess number one want start with them Oh we made this mistake before to ten up. Let's go from china. We'll save the best for last so number ten. This is more than ten to. We wanted to do ten. Oh my god off sports net so oh great. Good number ten for you. Yeah so on this article number ten this is.

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