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Time to check in with Mickey Ferguson over at fox six solo but everything that they have making yeah we've got about a forty percent chance of some thunderstorms popping up this afternoon it looks like central into west Alabama seeing the greatest chance of that developing so we could see some heavy downpours maybe some lightning indicating rule out day Hey old with gusty winds for that area so we've got our highs up to about eighty five degrees this afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms tonight slows down to sixty five most of the showers dissipating overnight got a thirty percent chance of rain for tomorrow highs on Friday near eighty five again from the WBRC first alert weather center I make you forget for Alabama's morning and right now it is mostly cloudy some rain in the area as well and sixty six news radio one of five five WBRC Alabama's morning news I'm J. T. twenty style Russell ever from happening most weekends and some fun things to do out there Russell good morning let's start with you with the black rock acoustic show tune reports going on yes you can actually get out enjoy some nice weather on the patio and Black Rock we doing and it used to show that this tonight at six PM I don't have local brews local live music in a course that you can have a great time they found the patio and just enjoy your company so they are gonna be practicing the social distancing so if the crowd into a big that then they'll adjust after no workaround that delimit the people right get there early they get there early that's right tonight six o'clock dinner of ever have at the mass singer karaoke what is going on here this is also going on tonight the night from seven to nine PM I wanted to reinvent the tent at Cahaba brewing company you know they also have a really large Arian a large patio incumbent think some karaoke well yeah that's the kind of by DJ RJ Wolcott emptying the event without the one you love their role there you know if you want to be there with the worst of it and what I also got an opportunity to create our own cocktail so you can go and vote for the happenings Kalateh would magically Markale you know click of the practice in the seventh but often to be able to enjoy yourself while all okay very good seven o'clock tonight gaba brewing Russell Ross bridge by Tate would you like crawfish tomorrow nights and the night to be there for the farmers market event yes start at four o'clock to eight PM we love crawfish it's free to attend and once you get there while you're shopping for local goods and produce you can get some great crawfish and Piper's adults have multiple other your truck there live music back to children's activities in course it outdoor area you'll be spaced out social distance and you can sit down and enjoy the wonderful crawfish very good.

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