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Do you have any sparky Anderson in you? Anybody that you have from your playing days that you put into your managing where again, you've won manager of the year in both leagues. Only one seven guys ever do such a thing. I try to take a little bit of. Of, you know, everybody I've been around as far as managers go and and players as well. I came up in that system and when you come up in in a system, make the big leagues, it's really like kind of university, you know your freshman and your soft more. You finally make varsity. I came up behind guys like Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell and Jack Morris, and and Lance Parrish, and Lou Whitaker and got to watch them firsthand and see how they played the game. So they're very impactful. My in my career, Kirk Gibson was just here announcing. He's been a good friend of mine and took care of me as a rookie. But I try to take little bits and pieces of of every team. I've been on every manager. I've played for good and bad, so, but the Tigers are definitely a team that probably you know, resonates is much as any based on the fact I came up with the best player you ever played with. That's a tough question. Played with men there. There are a lot of really good ones. I, you know, how can you go wrong with Cal Ripken and what he did in Baltimore, you know, maybe maybe not the. The streak and what he brought to the table every single day. He took batting practice everyday to infield every day and he played in every inning every game. It's pretty good one start with. That's an awesome onto start with. Okay. So do you talk to your team about what's developing? I mean, how do you? How do you address the the success that you've had so far to maintain it? How do you do that with your team? Bob, I tried pretty consistent and when we have advanced meetings, you know, every start every series I kinda add a little something. There's certain times during the year when then maybe you need to address them things. There haven't been that many this year. So I just try to, you know, stay consistent and you know what happened the series before and, and you know, kind of what we need to do in this series. And you know our clubhouse for mostly younger group guys is pretty well policed. And we have some veteran guys in there that that know how to run a clubhouse so you you just kinda take it series this series. And when you think you need to be impact. With what you need to say, and you've got right across the street from you there and that stadium dynastic team in the NBA if you had any relationship with the warriors at all, Bob, anybody any? I guess other than dream on green coming to one of your games during the finals a couple years ago. You're watching the warriors since I was a young kid and going to those games and my godfather was actually dictate who's the trainer for the warriors for a long, long time back in the championship seventy five. So I was able to to become a fan early on and and certainly now as well. I know Steve little bit Steve Kerr lives up, you know, lived up the street from me for a while since he's been here two and you know to be able to kind of watch what they're doing and and you know next door and and you know, kinda try to take some of that vibe that that they have in the championships that they have. It's it's it's a nice neighbor to have put it that way. So you knew Draymond green was in the house we did. We knew he was coming that night. I kind of made a joke and said, if he wants to hang out my office, he's more than more than happy. But I think probably suites a little better place to be with marshawn Lynch to, I'm not mistaken. That's what I understand. Yeah, he went. I went to Cal and so no Lynch factor in the bay area factor here. There's, there's a lot of that. So. Start talking about Melvin quake's very soon start talk. How about that? Hey, look, it's great to see what's happening right there. It's been a lot of fun to watch and good luck down the line..

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