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Rock and roll but is only number One hit was his worst song ever. That story's governor with Ed Wellness with the moment in rock'n'roll history at 7 55. It is 7 40 right now. 20 minutes before eight o'clock is an old as a former California I've been a Texan now for nine years. I'm happy and I'm staying here. I'd like to reach out to the other California's They're just moving into town and say, Hey, guess what. Texas Legislature When a decision yesterday and in just over three months, they'll be done for two years. See if California did that. They wouldn't have the kind of mess that they've got right now. Full time Legislature. Anyway, Today's Day two and dark late Nevel is here to tell us what happened yesterday morning, Clayton. Good morning. Yesterday was opening ceremonies. The real big business that was done yesterday was the official vote for the House speaker. We know that Dennis bonding is no longer the speaker. He opted last year not to run for re election. That was amid controversy. We ran those stories last year, and that is that respondent is in the books, and now David feeling has officially been voted in. It was 143 in favor of date feeling. Two against in four didn't vote so an overwhelming vote from the house to make date Beetle in their speaker. He spoke yesterday. There were several other speakers that talked about some of the policies that will be in effect this for is covert 19 testing when you come in limited crowds in the gallery and things like that, so it was mostly ceremonial yesterday, but date feeling being elected officially is the House speaker. Where's the big business? Yeah, no real surprise there. Security also very tight yesterday because of the run on the Capitol in Washington, D. C. Any protesters any problems yesterday? No issues yesterday, Of course, the big question movie this weekend when protesters are encouraged from some organizations to go to state capitals across the country that Governor Abbott talked about this week, saying that DPS is prepared that they're always prepared for safety measures and things like that for security and that he had confidence in them for this week, But there were certainly an extra presents have seen some of the photos. From outside the capital of a significantly increased presence from law enforcement yesterday, wearing some of the tactical gear and things like that, so they already as some of the speakers will. Metcalf was a representative yesterday and he made a speech and he talked about how these air unprecedented times but the Legislature needs anyway. He said that the Legislature doesn't break or pause because of pandemics or because of natural disasters or any circumstance across the country. So Certainly unprecedented times as you go into the gallery with Max as the certain representatives and senators have precautions within their own office. They're doing a lot of virtual meetings and things like that. And then, of course, tension and state capitals across the country, so certainly a different legislative session for the 87th session, But they're getting to business Nonetheless, we're talking about their own plate, Nevel. The state Legislature, of course, can address and effect any number of laws in this state, but they're only real responsibility, according to the Constitution is to come up with a budget for the next two years, and there's gonna be a tough year for him, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, The budget is certainly the top priority is it always is, You know, when you talk about priorities every time the session means every time it gets together, it's the budget and it's education. Now this year, you can throw a pandemic relief in there as well. But the budget is going to be a task, you know, and it's a huge state 254 counties, all of the ground that Texas has to cover, so That'll be the big talk with topic as we go along, and the date beat one yesterday. One of the first things, he said, is let's lead by example, and let's work together. Now That's easier said than done, But that's the goal of the House speaker's. We move forward with the budget and with the other issues they're going to face. One other issue that they're talking about is to make the alcohol delivery bill permanent, so restaurants I guess can deliver alcohol to their customers, and that would really, really help him out financially. Yeah, yeah, The margaritas to go is kind of the plant is being used for this particular bill and feeling the dress that bill yesterday of all issues that the Legislature is going to take up. That was one that he mentioned in his opening speech was that margaritas to go? There seems to be a lot of moment. Um, around this. The thought about it is not to get people their margaritas more easy, but to make things more easy for Businesses to give them another source of revenue because we know that a lot of businesses and restaurants right now have limited capacity. Well, all of them have limited capacity. So filling alcohol to go is away where they can make some of that money up. Not all of it by any means. But that's the overall thought behind this is that this financially would help businesses. I talked to a couple lawmakers behind this last week if they said You know what you hear alcohol to go. You think over container and drinking and driving? Well, how does that work? Well, it doesn't violate any of that. The containers are closed. It's not like people are drinking it in their car. Well, they're not legally supposed to drink it in their car. It just allows people that get the margaritas get the tequila, whatever alcohol they want. Take it in small bottles and bring it home. So restaurants were able to do that and make a little bit more money. It seems like this bill has a lot of positive response. Alright, thanks very much. Very informative. Great Report. Clayton or so Kayla have some played Nevil. New York City is now banning President Trump will explain coming up and YouTube is as well but first traffic.

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