Pennsylvania, Brian Todd, President Trump discussed on Red Eye Radio


The station ban charges filed i'm barbara kusak the justice department has moved four and two ban bump scott devices department of justice announced they would classify the device as a machine gun prohibited under federal law in a statement attorney general jeff sessions said quote the department of justice has submitted two of the office of management and budget a notice of a proposed regulation it to clarify that the national firearms and gun control act defines machinegun to include bumps stock type devices i'm mike cremedas a plan to address guns in schools safety is expected to be released by the white house later today charges have been filed against a 39yearold man in connection with the murder of a police officer and wounding of another in pomona california the police chief called the officer who was killed gregory casillas mantle below up to president trump made a pitch for republican congressional candidates wreksa cone during a rally in pennsylvania last night he also presented an idea to have drug dealers faced the death penalty and plug the 2020 presidential race our new slogan when we short running in can you believe it two years from now is going to be key america great exclamation point jape from her corresponding brian todd reports president trump believes north korea will honour a commitment to halt missile tests as leaders from both nations are set to meet veteran diplomats security officials are warning that kim jonghoon could be playing president trump and the trump could be walking into a trap they say kim will never give up his nuclear weapons and even if he promises trump he'll freeze his program for a while he could still keep building that program in secret china's lawmakers have passed constitutional changes that abolished term limits that means president gijon pain can rule indefinitely i'm barbara kusak a my name's brand the ever make a change in in wonder why didn't i do this a long time ago that's what's happening for thousands of people with regard to their health care their joining medi share in and they're wondering what in i already do this for most members it cost less than half what they were paying for their.

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