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Kukoc but prior to that. Don't miss it prior to that. They were talking about how the Bulls were successful that year because they ran the triangle to near perfection with Scottie. Pippen obviously being the architect but Tony. Kukoc coach had hit the game winning shot on several occasions and they will winning by sharing the basketball. Because Michael Jordan was a to yell at them and he wasn't there to always take the final shot so it wasn't like Phil. Jackson was asking something you know asking you to make a sacrifice that you had made already on several occasions during that season so we got to take that into consideration as well and so you look at it. From that perspective those two elements those two moments in this docu series along with the obvious migraine that he couldn't help. This is all top fifty great player. Swabs I'm concerned one of the top three defendants in the history of basketball. A six time champion. A good do the whole bit. But those three things the Migraine the contract dispute and then not checking into a gain. All of those things are the things that resonate Scottie Pippen. And I don't think he looks good with this Docu series at all. Let me touch on the PIPPIN thing. I since you brought it up Stephen Scottie Pippen. Let's not forget. This is not just a game this game. Three of the playoff series against the Knicks. He doesn't and then let's take into consideration. Tipping wasn't a great shooter. Coup coaches much better shooter and then let's take into consideration. It.

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