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I mean what. I don't put a pass this fuck it. It'd be line up to have it in lock. Chris got it. Fuck you own. Ability to for yeah. It was first reported wednesday after prompted a hearing for accused capital rider. Shane jink is to be delayed. According to independent journalists marcy wheeler and the washington post reporter writes a weiner now why would they be lying. Why would they have made this lie. These these these journalists they wouldn't have fat check. Nothing right is not at this. Harry has said he said the lawyer from his office was barred. In these not barden dc again mister pearson hospital we believe cover nineteen on a ventilator non responsive wanted attorneys who was president reportedly told the judge the judge ultimately continued to hair until next week saying. Send our best wishes to mr pearson. His family right. So why would the people who was there and heard this shit. Be fucking line. He got that shit. Yeah so anyway. It wouldn't be the first time so my fucked around found out but who knows now is true. The pentagon officially announced all military personnel required to get the five vaccine because if the peru and once again was coming to count them to. But you but you. But if you ain't got j you going to get this fucking father yep Delta airlines to raise insurance premiums for employees who refused get covered nineteen vaccine. Go get him that. We're not. We're not going to be paying extra cost. You know this bean brought about. I'll know people understand. We talked about capitalism. That's one thing dagomba. Fda approved. Get your ass back to motherfucking work and what we not going do is covered cough nomo. And what's gonna happen. You still got to stay home of fourteen days but you better usual. Pto time or we're gonna give you the pto time you've got to pay us back. The company that the sympathy for companies is get ready to end. Because they won't they won't they money and they won't get get back to normal for. Us specifically brought up the raising. People's.

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