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We're back. I'm back with Scott Galloway on pivot. We were talking about a wide range of things, including Microsoft and some other stories of the week. But I got your in Florida last week. My kids were in Cuba where and I got a lecture on soft communism from them along with cigars, and it's safe to say smoke cigars, a lot of us were not reading the news over the holiday. But it doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of news happening. There really was besides everything Trump said like there was so many things in that regard, which let's not go over one of the things that I thought was interesting was this. You know, I bang this China drum that frightening. They are as a country from an internet point of view from a surmount view. And so this new story came out about China. Itching citizens scores, you know, like credit scores this this was an episode of black near by the way, and it's a national reputation system being developed like credit scores and some internet companies. I'm trying to think firm does look at your social media thing to decide whether to give. You money or not? But they're they're trying to assess their economic and social reputation, it makes them easier to do business, essentially, it's a reputation system. But to me, it's a form of mass surveillance that they've been doing already and the citizens are quite welcoming to do it and how they shop where they go. What do you think of this? I mean, I think it's it's inevitable. But what is your thoughts on this? Because I think it's a I I am banging this drum on on surveillance economies. And I think they're disturbing in becoming increasingly disturbing. Well, it's it's typically not the idea that freaks people out when organizations get really good at it. And so the idea of we've had a credit score more capitalist society. So we want private information on people's ability to pay their bills, which you could argue is you know, as a violation of the privacy. And you have a credit score from a very early age. They're starting at perfect when you're this new system in China, you started a thousand I think it is. But it's really interesting. So for example, if you buy diapers your credit score goes up because their sumptuous you're responsible in your taking care of children. If you buy video games, your.

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