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Uhhuh topi in streak that they they believe it's sort of a monster in them you called it a tyrant that they have this image of perfection and thereby everything fails now i understand better your thesis because if you work with an image of perfection neither you nor your husband can match it and to be clear it's usually has words attach it's not just a picture so i'm looking at my couch this great pillow that i got an africa that amazing cheetah and my brain is telling me all the ways that it's crooked on the couch and the color could match a little better it isn't seen as gorgeous thing i bought it seen everything that's wrong with it and that's just what our brains do and it it's a it's a survival mechanism it's when we think of it is that men are used to surviving by producing results you catch the deer ate you catch the deer you catch the women women for millennia have survived by being attractive by being accepted by being found favorable in pleasing and valuable to other people that's how we survived and our brain is constantly pointing out what we need to fix so that were found acceptable pleasing invaluable and worth it to you to protect me and provide.

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