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Basement they also had a twenty noda it was called aster data it doesn't exist anymore but kind of an mp database as well you know fast board a few years later they were running thousands of nodes of that system of of dupe but companies you know they had data and lots of different places at data that was in relational databases data that was in and non relational databases like mongo db and elastic search and so forth and you know they started to stand up these dupe clusters running on potentially hundreds of servers sometimes even more and creating that kind of single repository where they could load it into the system so yeah i was at map bar from two thousand nine two thousand fifteen one of the first employee's there and as a great time as we were kind of in all these enterprises to you know for the first time be able to kind of bring together data from different sources and into one place and be able to do something about that data dow did the the hoodoo p adoption change those enterprises like if i'm coca cola back in two thousand nine hundred thousand ten two thousand eleven i decide i want the big day data how does that change how i look at my infrastructure you know it went from the goal was to go from a world of lots of silos of data and lots of work to can bring that data into one place into having a kind of a centralized data lake where you can throw in lots of data running on commodity servers he didn't have to run on you'll high end specialized hardware either or a or kind of mvp appliances you could just run on commodity hardware that you would buy from companies like dell and hp and cisco and so forth and it was really a low a very low cost way of storing large volumes of data and that was kind of the significant evasion that came from that that technology i think to some extent the silos of data access patterns and data technologies may be got simplified but there are still silos and the silos today maybe you could describe them through the lens of the different roles of people who are interfacing with the data and.

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