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Goodness. Clay Travis is back at it. Again. Did you hear this? Outkick the coverage thinking about these NFL coaching hires and the difference between the Bill valid check NFL and the Sean McVay NFL forever. Everybody wanted the next Bill bell Jack dumpy sour hoodie wearing grumbling. Not for genetic defensive guru. Matt Patricia is a perfect example of it weird looking beard got the pencil behind his ear. And then you got the cliff Kingsbury, Sean McVeigh towel Shanahan fat leflore class on the offensive side of the ball and everybody now wants to the next Sean McVeigh. What's fascinating about it too. Is it's almost a wild cultural thing about offensive football. The guys who have ended up embracing offense. Football are young good looking tell genetic. They smile a lot. They look happy on the sidelines defensive coaches in the Bella check mole, always look angry. They got the hoodie y'all and they got the map Patricia ugly beard. It's kind of an interesting cultural contrast, isn't it? Yong well-presented telegenic modern offense if football against the Bill ballot. Check drag you down into the blood and fight with you ugly. Dude. And for a long time. Everybody wanted valid check. We ran through the coaching tree, and it just didn't work, right? The best way to get genius.

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