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It's just and and it's also your your game plan. Against specific heaters hitters, right? I mean, I feel like maybe that maybe I'm wrong about this. Um, but I can't tell how many times I've seen pictures this season take off their hat. And look at a game plan. You know what I saw the other day in the college were in the Super Regional. Maybe maybe was this morning. Um, a picture was wearing like a by the way if I wouldn't even let the picture where even though it was on his, Yeah. One of those football armbands. Yes, and he's looking at. He's got a game plan. He's looking at what each hitter's susceptible. That's right. It's right. You see any in major league baseball all the time. You see the picture, pull up his cap, and he just takes a look. You know, And so it's not even. I mean, it's so specific these days. It used to be. You gotta study. You gotta study the game plan. You got to know exactly how to attack attack each hitter. That's why you have conversations with the catcher Come out like you got this little bit wrong. Remember, we, Ted about this guy? You got to do this. This and this and this this? Oh, yeah. Yeah. OK, got pregnant Now they've limited catchers visit. So now they have it in their hat. I mean, it's just that's right. It matters. Your visits, right. It's a lot of different things. It's not necessarily the tack ified substances which we know have been around for a long time. Pitch counts, which means you're facing, you know, in any given night 345 pitchers. Yeah, so meaning if you're a star player, there's an overwhelming chance. You're not facing that guy more than twice exactly right. And the next guy who comes out very well might be like if you're a lefty, probably a lefty who's throwing 97 or writing with just filthy stuff, I guess. There are a million I could construct a never ending list of reasons why The averages are down and you just hit on a bunch of something else that I don't think it's brought up enough. These fielders today are unbeliever their elite. They're super athletes. Yeah, I mean and listen. When we were growing up, you had guys like Ozzie Smith and Johnny bench behind the dish. And Mattingly, who is my idol? Keep Hernandez at first. Great. Jo Morgan was great. May he rest in peace, and Brooks Robinson was before time of Brooks and Nettles and Mike Schmidt at third base and all these amazing outfielders, right? But I mean, I feel like every guy on the day I see plays every night. And this is a guy who played me a lot of baseball. I'm like Couldn't make that play. If my life depended on it, I would have no chance. Yeah, like It is really it's a testament to the athleticism to your point. Everybody has an arm, everybody in the infield. Everybody gets the balls that they never used to get to. So there's a million reasons why, and I'll leave you with this to remember when I don't know the year I feel like it was probably a while ago now. Guess it's not really that important. I would guess it's probably 10 years about to give you guess. Remember when the P G A They changed their rules. Like with the grooves of the club. I do. Yeah. Yes, I do. Okay. And it was all about. You know, I can't. I mean, sometimes I'll hit a ball and it will check, but I don't know how to do it. I don't know. You know how to do it? No idea. Like I can't say I'm going to get this thing to hop twice. Never. If it happens. I'm like, Well, you see that? I don't know. But they changed the groove rule right? Because if you give a pro an instrument that is far more advantageous than it ever was, they're going to do superhuman things because they're already pros. Yes, all right. So now forget about the group's take it to the composition of the modern, the baseball we we use. Now the seams are raised. Yeah, so it's it's like a correlation the grooves for the chipper on the tour. The short game. Alright, Proficiency versus raised grooves. All the baseball scene to a picture. Yeah, I mean that baseball is it feels like it's a part of their hand. That's right. You don't think they're gonna make it dance? More? Yeah, of course they course they will. And by the way, I was having this conversation with a friend of mine today. Why what other sport manipulates? The ball more than baseball. No. Your NFL doesn't change the football, right? The you know the PS size, but no, no, no. Yeah. Oh, you mean the actual the way it's construct? Yes, yes, Hockey doesn't change the puck. NBA doesn't change the basketball right Football certainly doesn't what other sport does this as much as baseball does. They've messed around the golf ball over years. The tennis ball. I'm sure he's got four bounce here. But no, I I get you but golf. I understand because you almost have to do with golf. Because there's no more There's not land. You can't like change. You know the structure of the golf course. Like you just got to try to limit to how far these guys are hitting it, So I get it in golf. Right guys are you know some of these guys are hitting 3 80 some of these holes off the team. We watch him every week on CBS and invariably, and I just sit there with my mouth open and very jealous. Flying with that red arrow, You know, 101, 5200 and 30 like I'm like, all right, 3 37, and then it stops that it starts rolling. That's right. That's right. That's gracious, like I don't know how they do it, but I think it is so unfair to Jacob, the ground who's given up I think it's four earned runs this year. Four. Now he's missed a couple starts. You got hurt. He is You know, you know, I love me some Garrett cold and, you know, Met fans always get off her tweet. I put out I guess a year and a half or so ago. Jacob. The dramas is by far the best pitcher in baseball and to reiterate what I've said many times on the show. I've never seen a picture better in my life. I have never seen the picture. That Effortlessly seemingly so in control and so dominant every single time they take the mound. Yeah. Little snippets of Dwight Gooden. You know, I didn't see Steve Carl until he's a little bit old. They're saying What Nolan Ryan? I mean, there's been some Pedro. Is the one that comes closest for me and I guess to an extent, Clemens, but Pedro's because of the change up the change ups the great equalizer, but These guys have no chance to hit Jacob deGrom. And it's not because he's reaching to his belt and then quickly touching his hand. Is his glove. Unfair, unfair and I believe unfounded. All right, Let's get the update. Erica Herskowitz has that for you. Speaking of baseball. Colin Murray says that door is still a jar. Well, I've got bad news for collar and if he doesn't jump into that door soon, he'll never make it. We'll get into that coming up after her skis update, which is right now. Here she is. C B Yes. One sports flag. All.

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