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The markets you are on the Ben Ferguson show hide the markets how are you there was a little bit how are you Sir I'm doing good there well first of all you know I think for anybody to actually I understand I have any type of respect for Donald Trump of you have to understand why he decided to run for office in the first place and I think one of with one of the things is you got it you got to understand that this country is there is the United States is playing with problem this country has a set of issues okay and there are there out there out I'm waiting there are there are there are a lot of problems that this is ours is that this nation is of face with but I think that that one of the reasons why Donald Trump decided to love all this is that he wanted to to undo some of the problems that as I said before that was brought on to this country by the stairs to administration and and rather than to sit on the satellite and just allow this nation to go up in smoke filled speak you decide to do some about go you gotta understand you know Donald Trump was we all know Donald Trump is being a little say mobile and he is a guy with his television series but he like myself seeing the need to try to address some of these problems that the United States will of phase with so I think he rather than you it's so you cannot blame him for wanting to try to take on some of these problems and I think that the people I have this Mr C. notions about Donald Trump and in all this this quick this criticism now is red with this coming from the press you would you would have fully have to understand well just just look at this weekend okay look at look at what Donald Trump had to deal with he had to deal with the news media reporting that on on thanksgiving he's playing golf and sending out mean tweets when he was actually in Afghanistan feeding the troops that's a normal day for him at the office that's a normal day he deals with with these these members of the media this is it well all this this stuff this rhetoric this be a repeat about that the media is is all orchestrated is all scripted justice scripted rhetoric that's been this be repeated over and over again from different news reporters from different news agencies and is all scripted in all being orchestrated so you know if if you want to criticize trump may at least have a legitimate reason for could quit the seven trough SO date all the stuff is just is just a way of trying to sway public opinion polls Donald Trump is is all it is is so Donald Trump let me ask you this quick question are you one of those with impeachment what do you think this says do you think this is the gender you think this is a coup to overthrow the president well is not legitimate this this impeachment is not legitimate the the Democratic Party it you know the Democratic Party is not the party that I once knew is is been played with corruption Matt and and so you know they don't have any other choice but to go through with this impeachment all just face the embarrassment of knowing that they made a mistake SO SO so if we were there is is is that or they have they get they get face with them all of them with the embarrassment of knowing that they made a mistake so don't solve he's not he's a door not not no different than any one else who really cares about the future of this country would have be it he decided to run for president to try to undo some of these problems that so you can blame before tried to address some of these problems at all I have is that he keep black Americans in man that's all I ask is that you don't forget about the black vote and he don't forget about black metal so you can you know so that that's nonsense thank you Sir gonna talk to you one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two as I've said before tonight were given your big giveaway this evening it is our Christmas beginning of our Christmas giveaway since we use at thanksgiving and that is a one year full membership to 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stand with our president Donald Trump then you need to join right now a mac the conservative organization that is in Washington leading our voices be heard every day I also hosts the a mac TV show you'll get that as a member and you'll get there a mac magazine plus you'll get.

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