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One hundred sixty billion dollars worth of Chinese imports due to take effect on Sunday that would raise prices on keep odd ups including cell phones and laptops and threat to affect consumers a blast of much colder air is arrived across south central Kansas and that's going to stay with us for a while is wins gradually diminish this afternoon our temperature in the mid to upper thirties clear in twenty one tonight tomorrow sunny and forty six and your fifty and dry weather on Wednesday im Kay an SS media Baltistan holiday right now the northerly wind gusting to thirty one miles an hour it's partly cloudy and thirty five degrees ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. NSS news I'm Steve Boyer this is Wichita's number one talk ninety seven and thirteen thirty AM as it isn't do you it's about a system of checks and balances going to have any more questions about the possible that you are going to vote on articles of impeachment this coming week it's possible I don't know the Clinton impeachment there was I did not have sex with that woman would be known about this one is probably where's the impeachable offense why are we here I'll tell you this maybe they'll become known as the focus group impeachment only three hundred and thirty days last controlled more information on and more solutions for America for you to go into the details of the conversations I had with.

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