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Half years in Denver and had nearly 10,000 career receiving yards He was 33 years old The jazz continued their hot play in the NBA as they took a win over the 76ers one 1896 Memphis beat the Lakers one O 8 95 the spurs out lasted Denver one 23 one 11 In college basketball the nation's top team went down Thursday in piscataway Ron Harper junior hit a running deep three pointer as time expired giving Rutgers a 70 68 win over top ranked perdue And in one of the NHL's biggest games of the night Tampa beat Toronto 5 three behind two goals and an assist from Andre Pelant Josh rowntree AP sports U.S. households on average are earning higher incomes than before the pandemic but they're also paying higher prices and noticing In an AP and ORC center for public affairs research poll about a quarter say their incomes have gone up while two thirds say their household costs have risen since the pandemic Four in ten say the hit has been substantial The government's latest look at consumer prices is expected to show inflation soared by 6.7% last month compared to a year earlier and would be the highest jump in nearly four decades Top White House economist Brian D knows it's hard No one likes to pay more at the gas pump Nobody likes to pay more at the grocery store But these says the stark numbers do not necessarily reflect the real world where he says gas prices are coming down and supply chain bottlenecks are easing Sagar Meghani Washington Rapper Travis Scott says in a new interview he did not hear fans screaming for help during the ASTRO world festival in Houston in November that left ten people dead I marched on a letter with the latest Travis Scott tells radio personality Charlemagne the God in a YouTube video he has a responsibility to figure out what happened during his performance and how to prevent similar tragedies He denies his history of encouraging fans to rush the stage contributed to the crowd search that proved deadly Scott met privately with some of the families of the victims he says he understands why some declined his offer to pay for funeral expenses Scott says he just wanted the families to know he was there for them and will continue to be More than 300 lawsuits have been filed in connection with the festival AP news for Friday January 14th I'm Tim McGuire The White House says starting next week a website will be up and running for people to order no cost coronavirus tests Sagar Meghani has this COVID test dot gov will start accepting orders Wednesday Each residential address can get four tests Shipping is free but likely won't be fast The White House says Tess will typically go out within a week to 12 days after ordered President Biden announced last month the U.S. would launch the program with 500 million tests and yesterday said he double it I mean a billion tests in total Officials say they're ready to handle the website launch and expected demand for tests though memories of the Obama administration's disastrous healthcare dot gov rollout remain fresh The CDC says people need to upgrade their masks The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidance on masks encouraging Americans to wear the N95 or KN 95 masks used by healthcare workers In updated guidance posted late Friday afternoon the CDC said those kinds of masks are considered better at filtering air The M 95 and KN 95 masks were previously in short supply But at a news conference Thursday President Biden announced next week we'll announce will announce how we are making high quality mask available to American people the American people for free The White House says the federal government has a stockpile of more than 750 million 95 masks Mike Gracia Washington A federal judge declined to temporarily stop the executions of two Oklahoma inmates who are scheduled to die in the coming weeks in his order district judge Stephen friot wrote inmates Donald grant and Gilbert postel were not likely to succeed in their claims that Oklahoma's three drug lethal injection method presents the risk of subjecting them to severe pain and suffering This is AP.

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