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Cow and people were saying they wasted draft stock taking presley arvin the second seventh round. Pick the last there. It could've draft someone else if this guy's their starter in he's he wins the job and he does a good job. He's your punter. For how many years the next decade plus should you should think so. I don't know it's bad. I wanted him because one of the things we talking about is. It's very hard to judge. Punters today against the past. Because like i was talking with michael dana supported after he came out like the times he was putting up for hang times and the distances he was getting their common now. Then it was like holy crap. Nobody kicks this way. Nobody is this gonna putter in the nfl. He's better than everyone. We've seen point in history you know. It's almost like the the steph curry. You know kind kind of thing where he comes out and starts shooting threes and making them and all of a sudden everyone else's is learning and being like. Hey we can do that to a the game has changed. Puffiness changed and the punters today. Like you said yeah. Jordan berry does not rank well with planners across the nfl. But if you look at steelers history. He looks incredible simply because over the last ten years. Punters have drastically improved. And i've learned more about putting since they drafted presley harvey nudity listener. danny smith. He's talking about how it's not just the big leg. He's gotta have more finesse in science. And i really hate is i feel like punters the statistics. They should have a an inside the twenty statistic which is justifiable but then also inside the tent. Like show me like it. 'cause if if a steelers drive stalls at the fifty yard line inside the twenty is not good enough for me. That should be inside the ten. Let's set a new standard here folks. Let's have inside the tent. That's impressive whatever happened to the coffin corner to whatever happened to people trying to go for the corners. That's very rare. It's almost like the I blame the australians under some in live chat right now. they've probably messed every you know. Jordan barry is australian. It's nothing against the country or the continent itself is. It's kinda strange but anyways It's that whole kicking. The point of the ball aussie stuff. I dunno angles. We do have a superjet here. That i really wanna bring up from austin smith. He puts five dollars in the tip jar. He asked if we can get hallelujah. Performed live by one. Jeff hartmann if jordan berry gets cut by the end of cam. What do you say jeff. What would you do that for the people first and foremost that's canadian dollars. That's not real five dollars. That's fagin like monopoly money. But anyways i'll enter a long way up here cannot bucks is that we called on the preview. I'm not. I will perform. But i don't know see. I read that i saw it on lifezette. I read it. I'm thinking okay. If he week want no. I can't do a week one. Because last year week one was dustin colquitt in the weasel. Roy finds its way back. So what point can we seriously say. The weasel boys gone in these not coming back like we got rid of the weasel again. Is it the by in week seven. Is it halfway through the where. There's no halfway point anymore. Stupid seventeen games but still where what is the point. I'll gladly do a performance of something. I'll pull up guitar. i'll do it on. let's ride you have to tune in. I have no problem with that seriously so if it went down under seriously. Let's talk about this. At what point do we say okay jordan. Mary's actually gone for good barring injury considering last year. I almost want to say like the play. Offs like it scares a little bit. Honestly what is upon or too old. Define because i think very probably like i was sitting there thinking. Yeah he gets picked up by another team. We've seen guys go to other teams. Get cut and come back i mean. Bj finish. Could you imagine though from now. All now it'd be like two thousand five divisional game. Fa change of emotion. I'm just checking tampa roller coaster. Very back. I quit any team seeking applications for fans like goodness me. How can the team that is had this much. Success be dad vatted position. That's what i want to know. And that's beyond. It's a pretty important position i it's it's a holder most of the time. When did the backup quarterback stopping the holder. I remember that all the time back tony. Romeo vases muffing the pun muffing. The the was it extra point or field goal against seattle. I mean yeah lost the game. Yeah lost the game it's crazy. I don't know george. Dobbs could learn to do it. He just fifteen. It'd be messes it up. You can run but you can make the team. Ben has a lot of sway. I don't know trade him to jacksonville for six. Picking shoe imagine goodness me. It is the halfway point in the show. Though i jeff only signed up for ten minutes so if you wanna run you're welcome to stay. I don't think we're talking about punters for the second half but what are you talking about i. I think we're going to break down some of the fun stuff that happened last week right before the preview that that was super super easy to plan for that we definitely jealous of the day before all the news. Talk about. Well i'll i'll let you go at it. It ain't heard me talk about that so for good coming on as my big fan of the show time listener. First-time caller love the show standing guide. A i grew up listening to anyone else. Now you michael jeffrey. Do you remember standing guy. Oh yeah. I loved that show. Hey stan guy burstein a long time listener. First-time caller love the show. All right guys take these last thing though before you outta here. What's what's going to be on the preview tomorrow night. Do you guys have a topic for the no clue no we tell you virtuous we print minutes. I could tell you what's gonna be on. Let's ride for friday morning. But i really i. There's going to be a blog from down under. come join me on. So it's one of two yard berry hopefully one of them not the other one even love to interview jordan berry and say i just you know i would say that. I'm not a big fan. But still i'd love to ask questions about like what's going on in your head when you shank a ball of sixty five thousand people. What's the first thing that goes to your head. I wanna know you walked back to the sideline. How do you even like. Do you avoid mike. Tomlin danny smith. How many pieces of gum does danny smith shoe per quarter like. These are things i wanna know. I was one of the australian guys need to get that interview. Setup i'll do gladly all right. I'll let you go go have a good rest of your take awesome. Thanks for coming on the ladies and gentlemen jeff arman senior editor behind the steel curtain.

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