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The match and you look for her elena rebecca on one thirty three of fifty six return points. That's a fifty eight point nine. Win percentage on the day she dominated she played strike first strike tennis and she was landing her first strike today and on these slow courts to give her an extra split second. And you know she's not someone who's that comfortably at moving on the clay. She is plenty comfortable moving. Actually that's a lie. She is comfortable moving on the clay. But she's you know again you give her an extra split second to load on either her forehand or backhand wing. Good luck rest of the tournament. So rebecca a dangerous floater if she starts to get confident and you look for her now. Alina rebecca in her next match is going to be taking on sir. Serie tormo that's a very winnable match. Saribas tumors gonna throw a of backhand slice at. She's going to track down that extra bob. But if a reductionist disciplined stays focused she should win that match and find herself in the round of sixteen so a great win for rebecca. She stood out just to blitz through the rest of the results on the day. Three-set win four kante. Three-set win foreshadowed. Poor against stay in doses. You bear respectfully. They you know have lost a combined. Five first round matches in their past combined. I think it's twenty seven events so yeah usually at their seats now for reason their top thirty players for a reason you have to be really good to beat both of them. I thought and rescue played a really again. It was a nervous. It was attentive for set against martin sova but then she ended up coming out firing in the second sense. She earns a seven six six two victory on the day I mentioned the upsets already. Your other victors niessen. Mova straight-sets over stephen soccer straight-sets over reuss you also had straight-set wins from mertens. Plus cova muga rufa and peculiar who continues to roll. And then i oh me oh soko really fun seven six six four win over tomjanovich. Her backhand might be even more impressive than her serve. I'm referring to sock tomjanovich to me. Is like are bean. muga russa point eight. She's got a lot of a lot of speed a lot of power but it's just not quite as refined as mugabe still. She gave saka tests but asaka just a little bit too good in the end and so now she will advanced to the round of thirty two and again. It's a really fun. Day of around. Thirty two matches on saturday for the men's first-half. I believe i believe first half round of thirty two for the women's second half round of sixty four the men you know you've got things kerber. S rank us fit alina alexandrova conan fianc tech match on a konia former top ranked junior in the world. She's not quite where she needs to be movement wise but her groundstrokes are just so freaking phenomenal. But that's that's why that biegel match is going to be really funny..

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