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The future for a major obama era immigration policy is now endowed daca deferred action for childhood arrivals protect certain undocumented immigrants from deportation people who came to the us children it also provides them with a work permit but last week a federal judge in texas rule that the program is unconstitutional. The world's monica campbell's here to tell us what this means for people in the program and what this means for the administration of joe biden meeting his immigration campaign promises. Monica first of all. Who does this ruling effect and not effect at least for now. This ruling affects anybody who wants to be a part of the program and that's tens of thousands of people who have applied to be in the daca program since the start of the year more or less and it does not affect immediately at least people who are currently in the program or her looking to renew their status within the program. So you can turn in your application but immigration officials are blocked from moving forward on it. Who exactly wants to end the daca program. Monica people who are against offering any sort of path citizenship offering a larger reform to the millions of undocumented people in the united states that they see this as kind of opening the door and not just two people here in the us but perhaps to the world that this will signal that more people can come into the united states and eventually get papers. This is seen as kind of a slippery slope test. Daca has long been that the support for that remain strong and powerful especially in places like texas and a lot of other republican led states. That support this court ruling so the administration is expected to appeal but after that. What are the possible scenarios. I mean could this go to the supreme court has daca has in the past. It absolutely could and i spoke to people who have been defending daca at the supreme court out the table. They are offering some blunt truth. They're saying that. This judge in texas the district court. Judge texas's is ruling. Could very well pass all the way up to the supreme court and that we know that the supreme court is a more conservative. One right now. I spoke with louis. Cortes romero he is one of the immigration lawyers. Who's been right up in front defending daca. He's in seattle. He said that he is now really looking for a more permanent. Fix hoping that congress can step in and try and rescue the program. We know that collectively we can move mountains and make things happen and we've done it in the past and we just need to make sure that we stick together so that we can do it now and what they're banking on right now is that congress will step and perhaps through the budget reconciliation process. And that you may see a pathway to citizenship in a more permanent fix for dhaka and perhaps other undocumented immigrants rolled into that process and we'll see very unsure uncertain process. Ed right as you said that may happen. So what have you heard from. People most affected by the latest news. People who want in the daca program are they expressing concern about what this could suggest more widely about how biden will deal with what many see as a broken immigration system. There's a ton of concern. We spoke with one young woman in virginia. She's nineteen years old carla margallo dorado and she applied for the daca program about six months ago. She's originally from. Bolivia came to the united states when she was two years old now. Her future in the us is uncertain. The florist dropping out with a chance for papers the chance to work to be eligible for in state tuition loans in a country that she's been in for most of her life. Try to step into our shoes because we are really hired emotionally from from working so hard all the time and having to justify our existence having just by our livelihood. It's hard yeah. I also spoke with people hoping for dhaka who have. Us citizen children. Many of the people were talking about are in their twenties and well into their thirties. They want change. So there'll be a lot of organizing around this especially considering it was part of biden's campaign promise the world's immigration editor monica campbell. Thanks very much for this. Update you're welcome. Lithuania one of the baltic states is seen sudden increase of migrants from iraq. The lithuanian government wants baghdad. To do something about this. But it's not as simple as iraq changing its migration policies. The influx of iraqi migrants has a lot to do with a dispute between. Lithuania is next door neighbour. Belarus and the european union. Bellarusse is accused of sending iraqi migrants into europe as a form of political payback reporter. Rebecca callard report from northern iraq about the people caught in the middle of a political spat in europe in his barber shop in the sem camp in northern iraq. Suba dune has a steady stream of customers. He trims beards and cuts hair for the displaced. Disease live here but in the past two months. He's been hearing about something new from his clientele of mostly young men tomorrow but a rooster. They've been talking about belarus. The eastern european country now eu sanctions over human rights abuses yet puska. But then in.

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