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Eight and ninety six point one FM all right if you were thinking of something that I needed what would it be no no no not at all well it's bugs I hate bugs I hate every type of bug in fact now that I think about it I know I really do every book I I am that guy that doesn't like lady bugs either I just don't like bugs four legs is my limit love dogs get along with cats on a bird Germany you know their old K. but bugs forget about it I don't want to be in my house I don't want I'm looking at my house I don't want to know where I live I hate bugs so fortunately we found spire past control Spyer passed can troll now initially when I went looking for a a pest control company I was looking for a company called we hate bugs and we kill them kill them kill them Hey they they weren't out there so Spyer pest control was the next best thing they are amazing people when we first chatted with the other team inspire pest control they wanted to know about our house what will our issues what what is it that we were seeing were they flying where they crawling was a dance was it this and we told them look we we saw a couple places we're a little shocked that we saw ends near one of the bedrooms although we didn't see them near the kitchen we found that sort of body okay I so we have a wasps that we've seen that were not happy with and of course as the sun goes down look at central Virginia you're going to have to deal with mosquitoes right well not entirely because Spyer pest control in addition to getting rid of all the regular bugs that I hate making sure that our house is protected and again I have to give a big shout out to Ricky Ricky is our tech right he's the guy who comes to our house great great guy I mean seriously just a super nice guy and does a great job but in addition to the regular pests they take care of the Miskito his soul we've got this beautiful decoration all because I talk about it all the time so we can go out there in the evenings isn't that an amazing thing it's a drawbridge in here but it's true we can go out in the evenings we can enjoy a cocktail or or just up a little bit time chatting we love Spyer passed control I want.

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