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You but I a Facebook group is connecting people grappling with shocking DNA test results the group called, DNA n. p. e. stands for not parents expected ABC's juju Chang reports on the. Online, community looking to help people who went in search of. Their. Biological parents and found solidarity instead. My dad was my best friend even as an adult hope lamonica. Was always daddy's little girl talk on the phone. At least three or four times a week we talked about dating narrate. His golf game Everything the fifty one year old daughter. Of. An army sergeant hope grew up. With her father often away was usually gone quite a bit and. So it was just me and my mom The relationship wasn't, the best let's my mom but you. Manage to build a beautiful family, on your, own a beautiful family taken for. Granted. But a routine DNA tests searching for her ancestral links to Africa with throw all of that into question? And so you're excited to see you know, sort of where your, heritage from right and then on. The next page it says c up with and? What did you find the first. Person I was not sweat as said this person they're either your parent your child are. Your identical twin so did you have a, child at that point I didn't know about now So alarm. Bells go off immediately I. Think immediately start, shaking and my heart was pounding convinced there must be some. Sort of mistake hope reached out, to her genetic match I said a message to them through ancestry, and I said I just got these. Results and I don't understand what, they mean, I finally said to him my. Dad's. Name was Wheeler and my mom's name.

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