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And subscribe. A man's been arrested for the murder of a nine year old girl whose body was found on a trail inside a duffel bag in Los Angeles County sheriff's investigators arrested a meal hunt for the murder of nine year old trinity love Jones. He was Trinity's mother's boyfriend. Investigators say they arrested him after finding him sleeping in his vehicle in San Diego records indicate he was imprisoned for more than ten years for torture and child abuse before Antonio Jones's Trinity's father. She was. Wakes zone. Angel. Now hunt has been charged with one count of murder and his bail was set at two million dollars. Jessica rosenthal. Fox News next court hearing for empire actor Jesse small lead set for Thursday in Chicago smile. Let was in court earlier today for hearing on whether to allow cameras in the courtroom throughout his trial. He's facing sixteen counts accusing him of lying to police bat an attack he claims happened on the streets of Chicago in January. Legendary sportscaster has felony charges against him in Florida drop officials dismissing the criminal mischief charge levied against legendary sportscaster Warner wolf we brought you the story last month of wolf being charged with a felony count. After thirty say he ripped the word plantation off the side of the Florida private community where he lives classics plantation estates because he found the word offensive this after lobbying the homeowners association to make a change the name, the eighty one year old wolf ended up paying eleven hundred dollars in damages and spending a few hours in jail wolf who has covered everything from the Super Bowl to the Olympics. Adding regarding the incident, it was worth it. Matt Napolitano, Fox News, second island destination coming for Disney cruises. Disney's purchase property on the island of a Lutheran and the company has entered an agreement with the government of the Bahamas. Steve check out this guy's leg. Yeah. Looks like a real nasty moving back in with his parents what? No, it's broke my leg. No. This is a full blown move into the basement you're going to be out of work without that money from. Flack, you might miss your rent? I just moved out, man. Hey, I used to have my own place. Yeah. Now, I live with my mom..

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