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A one talk proper. You guys roommates new coronary with like you're gonNA hate each other so fast like I'm looking at it will families. Whenever are your parents. My mom is she's supposed to. She's supposedly Florida signer. That's not hacking but yeah I don't. It's slipped this is hoping stinks assorted. We're we're losing like a year of the world basically. Yeah we just another. You're like rob from US route route but in terms of the show the short porch will continue at the absolute bare minimum once a week. But we might Once the interviews at least Because what we have one. We have sterling and Montgomery. Montgomery you more okay Jim More after this and then obviously gauge this situation at what's going on we'll be very transparent with all you guys But we'll be here. I don't know what will talk about whatever's going on this might not necessarily be a full. Yankees podcast moving forward because it definitely will not be able to. There's nothing to talk about. What the yeah there's something new player getting Gerona buyers. We'll figure it out maybe like I'm just throwing ideas in my head here. We could do like a alive watch of something not maybe not. I watched like a like you can hit play the same time we do. We watch like some kind of a Yankee movie. We'll run through ideas. We'll run through ever start What are we started? Tv Show US and the Audience Archer TV show and we do like a weekly episode recap. Yeah if you're listening to this Santos sending a text shortcuts. What you WANNA watch in. Tj Will Charlie okay. Okay I thought you just like create a TV show. I was like we're not doing that. say every Tuesday. We have an episode so we we do an episode where we talked to. You know you have to watch one season of this. Show my next to orient five episodes of this show by next Tuesday. We talked about it. Yeah I don't hate that at all. So yeah so yeah Tag Us on but all of us and then you'll give us ideas of what we should watch. So maybe that will that could be like the Because we usually due to Two Week in the summer. Whatever maybe that could be our Tuesday episode and Thursday. You know we're doing something else or whatever we're GONNA be here for you guys would give you as much as we can because honestly it's GonNa this is like honestly. This was therapeutic. Besides that I'm talking to three people. Four people over the last four days. It's K- Marco. It is my mother and my two roommates. I need to talk to more people. Otherwise I'M GONNA lose my mind so this was beautifully me and my friends through my friends from home. We're like we gotta have tomorrow night. Thursday eight PM. We're having a group based on just just to catch up like I think that's what people gotta do is just like you can't go out to dinner with your friends. A group facetime shoot the shit with the boys. Yeah I I agree. A hundred percent with that Okay well this is fun hopefully enjoyed the Mike Ford interview and US talking about this situation. remember the short anything Go follow on Youtube Albany posting the full videos of of. I don't know if we can do it of this. But maybe this or the the Mike nobody wants to the full video probably Schmo does than our bedrooms that the Ford. You'll be up there so we'll talk. Mint is up there. I believe posting more stuff to their Youtube Channel And then I mean maybe if I'm I'll be on the show actually played a random listeners of the podcast like when I just hit a random game like the other day ended up beating me in a walk off some really bad at the game but Yeah so I'll be on auto show and that's it so we'll see guys back here next week. Hope enjoy the episode. Stay safe out there. Wash your hands. Don't go outside if you don't have to be safe when you get through this together ashore Porsche. We'll see you next week later. Oh this is John Sterling. You've been listening to short porch..

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