John Kelly, The Commission, New York Times discussed on Weekend Journal


I think that there is a kind of risk of version that might be setting in ask how and i think julia danger of these generals acquiring power at the at the other general john kelly who was the commission of homeland security ray until he was moved over to be chief staff and the new york times ran a story a few days ago one no one wonders if it's accurate but that carry cute two tremendous changes in the chief of staff's office requiring that all meme or written materials it goes to the president including news stories has to go through his deputy porter and men and before it goes to trump and that any appointment with trump has to be made to him and nobody work the office without any point well now of course but again this jared in ivanka okay but the play devil's advocate that uh it seems to me that they needed that kind of discipline that that that was in a way leading to to his downfall that that you know that this lack of discipline so can we see it as a positive thing well it's being spun that way but uh i've never felt that that's true chief the the the ultimate example of bit not been good for the president is hold who exercise the most rigorous control any chief staff ever as during the nixon administration and nixon you told a meeting because he was afraid to.

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