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Yeah, maybe not as smoothly as as buying a co Kovacs would have wanted it going into the weekend that sets the table nicely for Saturday's match, which you knowing to you told me, right? I am. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be there. That's amazing. So. For the Bundesliga season their seven matches left and Dortmund are two points clear. Yes. Byron. Of course, have won the last six titles doormen last wanted. I guess in two thousand twelve and Dorman essentially been top of the table for the entire season. Is that right? Yeah. I mean, they actually had a nine point lead going into the winter break, they were unbelievable how the blocks and kind of I think took a lot people of God, you know, this is still quite young team. What was it? Specifically, would you say that led to Dortmund being so good this season after you know, they've been finishing miles behind Byron for the last six seasons. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of combination of things. I mean, the emergence of some players have turned out to be key players had to schedule like giant, sunshine, prime example, Boso loosen five like leasing five came in from niece in the summer. He was someone that I think Dolton were after the previous summa, and but they went for pizza Bosh. Instead, he was the old I coach he never really quite fit without group of players in terms of the stall the foot way wanted to play. He ended up getting sacked midseason, and they replaced him with pizza Stroger who is the old Cologne bus, and again, not didn't really quite quite fit. So I think the kind of just been set free a little bit by Lucy fatherly seems to be for example, like makar Royce played underneath him. When losing fav was. Bercy imaging Gladbach and mauka Royce has been a really key player for for in this season. New new father Markle, Royce, we should say. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Well, that was one of the probably one of the reasons why don't were not the best of the weekend against Wolfsburg. He was away. Missed the game attending the birth of his first child, right? And and domain. Really messed him. Actually, not a great game. Both both games on the weekend. Bind the buying Freiburg and Dortmund harms of Wolfsburg. Yeah. I mean, I'm not sure if you wanna cover that clearly, but if you just give you some context, I mean, Dortmund were nil nil going into ninety minutes, and then they go to an injury-time at the end the game ended the game to win the game by an drawn at Freiburg. And that meant, you know, Dortmund were now buck properly on top because by and had Ryan the men they'd drained in that nine point lead. And they actually overtaken them on goal difference at the top. But it's been a real key factor. Dolman this season. I the no team in the league scored more goals in stoppage time endorsement and actually talk about custody who go to in the Wolfsberg game said bundy's league record for the first player to school five goals after nineteen minutes in the game. And it's easy. Yeah. So they leave it lay a lot so turning the spotlight on buying a little bit. You mentioned that Dorfman had at one point at nine point lead. They were rumblings about Niko Kovac job early on in the season. But as a little too way at that lead has there been I guess some improvement or some hope at least for buying fans like because everyone thought that this year, they were kind of you know, a team in transition and and struggling a little bit. Yeah. I mean, they definitely still a team in transition. But they definitely since the winter break they started to look a little bit more like buying. You know, I mean, this is like you said they've won six straight is that he goes, this is a team here is you. Used to being in these kind of situations while oh further ahead. You know, they've been the donate a million times, and they they seem to kind of stop having that swagger about and they'd missed in the in the winter. And that was kind of eight ready, whereas Dortmund would drop him silly points here, and there, you know, they left it lay against her two billion. I was actually out that game Dortmund beat hats for the first time in about five years.

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